Friday, December 14, 2007

ATTN! Chicagoland. LOST DOG!!

This is not a hoax. You know my love for my Newfoundland dogs, 'Bella and Gabe. Well, another Newfoundland pal of ours is lost and we'd like to ask the readers of my blog who live in or will be visiting the Chicago area if they can to be on the lookout for a lost Newfoundland dog who is lost in the Chicago area.

The dog,who answers to TUG is a 2 year old male Newfoundland dog with white feet and a white chest and he is lost and alone and scared in the big city.

His family is heartbroken without him and are offering a $5,000 dollar reward for his safe return, no questions asked. You can see pictures of Tug and get more information here:

He's been spotted around this area:
Merchandise Mart, around 300 N. Wells Street, as well as the area around the dog park at Grand Ave. and Orleans

It is our sincere hope that his family gets their Christmas Wish and Tug comes home safely!

This is really important. Please check out the information on the web site and if you can help or see Tug, please call the number and help get him back home to his heartbroken owners.


  1. oh dear! I hope they find him!
    Jennifer - I don't have your email can you email me @
    when you get the chance! thanks!

  2. How heartbreaking. I hope they find him asap. That poor lost baby.


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