Monday, October 26, 2009

Soot Stamped Autumn Leaves

For the past month or so I have been making a lot more ATCs for swapping than I have been making cards. I don't know how interested you are in seeing all of the ATCs I've been making so I haven't been posting them. But today I want to share these Autumn Leaves ATCs that are for a swap I'm hosting at the Stamp Shack. I wanted to use my stamps in a different way and used the Soot Stamping Technique.

In this photo of the set of nine ATCs some look blurry but I had to take the photo at an angle to avoid the flash glaring off of the glossy cardstock. The outcome of soot stamping is that each ATC is unique.

For these ATCs I was trying out an added step to add color to the background. This was achieved by using a brayer and brayering red dye ink on the glossy cardstock. Next you hold the cardstock, glossy side down over a lighted candle. The flame must brush against the cardstock to produce soot. Move your cardstock quickly over the flame to cover with black soot being careful not to hold in one place too long as the edges will catch on fire if you linger. Next, using the stamp of your choice stamp directly onto the cardstock in the soot and carefully lift your stamp. Be careful not to let your fingers touch the soot because you will leave fingerprints. Using a spray clear glaze sealer, immediately after stamping spray your image with the glaze and let it dry. (I used Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze.)

A year or so ago I made these train cards using the soot stamping technique but I didn't add color to the background as I did with with my autumn leaves ATCs.

Either way this is a really fun technique to try but of course anytime you are dealing with paper and a flame you must use caution. You might want to do this technique in your kitchen next to a sink just in case of emergency.

I hope you'll give this technique a try.




  1. Jennifer, these are fantastic! Just beautiful. It has been a while since I've made anything with this technique.. thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Wow, Jennifer, those are wonderful. Great inspiration. Hugs

  3. These are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I love them! I hadn't seen the train train ones before, I love those too! Fabulous!

  4. FABULOUS soot stamping work Ms Jennifer!! I've tried that so often...with disasterous results (lol).

  5. I like these Jennifer, especially those vintage ones. Your ribbons complements the work perfectly.

  6. Jennifer these are fantastic! I'v etried this too and it never works for me. But your train cards make me want to go buy a train stamp and make some!

  7. So Cool! LOVE how real they look. Makes the gears upstairs turn and then I count the blocks to the fire department. Lovely autumn leaves and acorns, too. Hope you and your housemates are warm and well (Paul, too).

  8. Jennifer, this is amazing!! Finally a techmique that requires fire play! lol The first few attempts my paper went up in flame and I just about gave up...until magic happened!! It looks amazing! Thank you so much for this new technique! :)

  9. I tried this technique only once before but couldn't get enough soot to stamp into maybe I used the wrong type of glossy card or candle? It put me off trying again and I opted for the faux soot technique instead using ink and resist stamping. These ATC's certainly have inspired me to try again. They are fantastic, thanks for showing these life like autumn leaves, every one is different, the coloured background only adds the gorgeous colours of this amazing season.


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