Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh Poo!!! My sewing has gone to the dogs!

The past several weeks, in preparation for the arrival of my new Newfoundland puppy, NOAH, I have been sewing for him. This has been such fun for me to allow my sewing projects just go to the dogs! Tee hee hee!

Noah will eventually need an extra large size collar but even Newfoundlands start out as wee babies. Rather than invest in small collars as he grows I decided to make them for him as he grows.

This is Noah's first collar. I did have a bowtie attached to it but my husband is not happy about adorning our dogs with "frou-frou"! So, here is the collar, sans bow tie.

Collars are the easiest and fastest things to create. All you need is the hardware which includes the clasp, size adjuster slide and tag piece. I liked this blue dog bone fabric for a newborne pup.

I had hoped to get some adorable photos of Noah modeling his new collar. Noah has informed me that he has no desire to be a collar model and would not hold still for photos.

Try as I might to get my sweet little bear to pose, he just wouldn't cooperate.

Finally, Noah said, "I'm outta here!" and waddled off to see what the other dogs were doing.
OK...the above photo is just because he IS so stinkin' C+U+T+E!! You can't see the collar but it is under all of that soft puppy fluff!

Now let's get to the "bottom" of things. When you take your dogs for a walk, you want to be a good citizen and responsible pet owner. Yes, that's right. You MUST pick up the dog's ... ahem..."droppings", "deposits", "biscuits" .... ok, let's be blunt! You MUST pick up the dog's POO! But how many times have you been out on a walk and have forgotten to take along bags for the collection process?

I designed this simple to use "Poo bag holder" to attach to the leash and make carrying bags with you easy to get to and a supply available at every pit stop!

This little dispenser bag clips to the leash handle or to your belt loop or buttonhole...whatever is most convenient for you. I find it easiest to keep it clipped to the leash handle and then it is always ready to go when you are ready for you walks.

The bag is about 6 inches long in total so it isn't real big or cumbersome but it will hold about 6 or 7 plastic grocery sacks. Just pull one at a time from the bottom and you're ready to clean up after your pooch.

I have some more projects for the pooches that I've been working on. Perhaps if there is interest after displaying my wares, I may set up an etsy shop if anyone is interested in purchasing haute couture dog accessories.

What do you think?

Time to walk my dogs. See you soon!


  1. awesome projects!!!! Noah is adorable and looks all decked out in his fancy collar..and I must say I LOVE the poo bag holder!!! You could easliy sell these items

  2. Ah Noah is so cute. Great collar and love the matching poopy bag holder. :)

  3. Oh, you're too funny! What an awesome dog and wonderful projects! He doesn't know how lucky he is! My niece just got a Great Dane from the pound.....and my sister just FB'ed that he ate a spatula from the dishwasher and is currently chewing on the computer cord. Uh oh.

  4. Noah is adorable! I love the poo bag holder. Such a handy thing to have.

  5. These are both cute projects.

  6. I love the collar and bag holder too!

  7. There are no bounds to your talents my friend. I think you would do well on Etsy with your doggie couture, for sure! Noah is smart - he knew as cute as the collar is we really just wanted to see his CUTE face! lol. I like that you made the "Oopsie Bag" to hold recycled grocery bags. You smartie ;)

  8. Cute Noah ! Geothermal Heat Pumps are catching popularity nowadays in most countries !

  9. OH! I want a cutie like him!! And that collar and poo-poo collector system is just fabulous! Life for me has been a bit crazy, but I still think you're about the best dang card creator & seamstress ever. Take care and I hope you and Paul will soon be biking.


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