Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Serendipity Challenge - Stamped Notepad

Good Morning! I have been a rather quiet blogger lately, but life sure has not been quiet. Days are filled full to the brim for me with puppies, cats, my horse, sewing, stamping, gardening, preparing for next month's cello recital and the normal day to day activities. I LOVE SPRING! Spring brings new life and also brings life to old life! I'm having a blast! Consequently, though, I'm not getting nearly as many of my projects posted. I hope to remedy that situation very soon though so I hope you'll not give up on my blog.

Today I have a challenge project presented to the design team at Serendipity Stamps. The challenge is to create a design for a notepad using Serendipity Stamps. I decided that I would create a small whiteboard for the refrigerator to list errands to run and places to go.

This is my notepad/whiteboard that was very simple to create. If you'd like to do something similiar or perhaps use this as a craft idea for young children to create as gifts or VBS projects, this is how I made it.

I used a piece of heavy glossy cardstock and then computer generated the sentiment at the top but you can easily stamp or even hand write your message if you choose to have one. Next I stamped SERENDIPITY STAMPS Tennis Shoes #221QCL at the bottom and colored them with copic markers. Then all you have to do is run your cardstock through a laminator and VOILA! You have a whiteboard. I've added a water soluable marker to my board so my messages will not be permanent, but rather wipe of with a damp cloth. On the back I placed a magnet strip and here you see my whiteboard clinging to my refrigerator.
It was as simple as that: stamp, color, laminate and attach pen and magnet.

The rest of the Design Team have some fabulous notepad ideas using Serendipity Stamps. Be sure to hop on over to the team's blogs:

Amy Cokley
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Lynda Benden

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  1. Wow great idea! I love that it's reusable! And that sneaker stamp is perfect!

  2. That sneaker image is CUTE! But my list would have to be much longer!

  3. OMG this is so awesome! I love this! What a cute sneaker stamp too!

  4. What a great idea, Jennifer! I love the idea of a reusable notepead - this is so cute!

  5. Very cool idea! Can't wait to make some myself :)

  6. Great idea Ms Jennifer! These's make fun welcome home gifts for my grandkidlets...who are returning to live in Nova Scotia this summer!!! Glad to hear you're enjoying life. I agree...spring is WONDERFUL!!

  7. This is AWESOME Jennifer! The sneaker stamp is SO darn cute!

  8. Totally cute! I love that you can use it over and over again. The sneakers are too cute!

    Thanks for your comment about the girls...they really are pure joy (especially now that they are quietly sleeping in their beds :)

  9. Jennifer, what a great idea! I feel a CASE coming on!

  10. Darling listmaker. Go live some more life!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This is just too stinkin cute!! What a great idea! Would make a great gift too!

  12. IF I had a life I would absolutely have to have one of these. LOVE IT!! May make one just in case I ever get enough to write down or my memory starts to go. Great idea, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hey Jennifer,
    Just checkin' in to say thanks for your kind comments on the blog!

    Hope you are having a great day!

  14. So clever. I love the pictures of Noah. What a cutie!

  15. great project, those sneakers are GREAT. Sandi


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