Monday, August 1, 2011

She's in a pickle...

My little garden has been working overtime, it seems, with its produce.
My cucumbers, green peppers and beans took off first and I began picking them early last month.
Inasmuch as we love eating them from the vine, the quantity I have been picking means finding more uses for the cucumbers and peppers and green beans too!


First off I made Dill Pickle Slices. I love a good dill pickle and these dill pickles I've sliced so you can lay them across a sandwich or burger. Or, if you are a dill pickle truest, you can eat it out of hand too.

But some people don't care for dill pickles. I've got the answer for those folks and made some yummy bread and butter pickles.

Do you know how I like to eat bread and butter pickles? On a peanut butter sandwich, that's how!

I've been picking green beans for nearly a month now and they are still producing!! I've been freezing bag upon gallon sized freezer bags of green beans. In the words of Scarlette O'Hara, "As God is my witness, I'll never go hungry again!"

So while I'm making cucumber pickles, what better use of excess green beans than to make Dilly Beans! They are just like eating a dill pickle except that they are made from beans. You've GOT TO try these sometime. They are a surprise to bite into a green bean and taste the tangy dill. YUMMY!

I like this Dilly Bean recipe because you make them by the jar. If you have a lot or just a few green beans you can always make the exact quantity of jars you'd like.

The beans, cucumbers and green peppers continue to produce in great quantity. And now, my tomatoes are ripening faster than we are able to consume them, so I know you can guess what I've been up to! Yes! I've been making delicious preserved food and I'm looking forward to sharing you some of my new discoveries of recipes for ways to make delish preserved food items.

So until next time!


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