Monday, February 6, 2012

Alexis' "Princess Dress"

Last week our grand-girl Alexis turned three years old.  Alexis loves the idea of princesses and tieras and flowing gowns.  I wanted to make a special dress for her birthday that she could spin and whirl around in and feel like a princess.  I think I succeeded!  Alexis wanted to put her new dress on right away and she danced and spun around and performed what she called "a Princess Dance" in her new princess dress.

The pattern is from Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops.  This particular pattern, called Annikka's Dress" came beautifully packaged and I chose to purchase it as a kit which included the pattern, instruction book, gorgeous fabrics, buttons and ribbon.

The back closure of the dress is with three little buttons on the back yolk.

Each sleeve cap, cuff and the over and underskirts are attached with finger pleating.

I'm pleased to say Alexis loved her new dress and the big, happy smile and princess dance she performed was the BEST expression of happiness I could receive.

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  1. Oh I bet she looked darling in that, love the fabric!!

  2. It's a beautiful dress! I love all the little details. I'm glad to hear she was so happy!


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