Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beaded Shepherd's Hook Bookmarks

This comic has been making the rounds on Facebook and Pinterest and it gave me a big chuckle.  Yes, I love the ability to carry my library in my hand with my Ipad, but I also love books.  You remember books...made of paper and binding and the tactile connection between the author's written word and your imagination.
How do you mark your place in your books?  A scrap of paper, a dog earred corner?  A piece of tissue?
I've been having the best time making these bedazzled Silverplated, Shepherd's Hook Bookmarks.  They are like jewelry to mark the place in your made-of-paper books.

These markers will not damage your book.

They are eye candy for the Bibliophile.

Perhaps you have a bibliophile in your life who might enjoy a Beaded Shepherd's Hook Bookmark.  These three are handmade by ME are now available in my shop!
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  1. Absolutely brilliant Bookmarkers Jennifer your so talented they are much better than a bit of papers inbetween the pages l'm going to check them out they would make brilliant gifts to readers xx

  2. I made those for all my friends who read books. Forgot to make one for me so I am using the scrap of paper method.
    Yours are beautiful


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