Thursday, January 23, 2014

Log Cabin Quilt Block

Ta daaaaaaaaaaa!  I made my first Log Cabin Quilt Block.   I joined in on the It's a New Year SEWALONG group on the website, blog and facebook page.  January's SEWALONG challenge is to make Mini Log Cabin blocks and then create something with your blocks.
 photo coversquare_zps5d0586a6.jpg
Week #1 Assignment was to choose the fabric you wanted to use.  I chose some lovely floral fat quarters that I had in my stash by Tanya Whelan called Sunshine Roses, for Free Spirt Westminster Fibers.

Week #2 Assignment was to cut your fabric pieces for the mini log cabin block.

Week #3 Assignment: Piecing and Pressing

My first block is a bit wonky but since this is my first time making a log cabin quilt blocks I'm fairly pleased.  The great thing about working week by week with the group on this little project is there is plenty of time to learn from mistakes and have the support and advice from a great online group of quilters.  

I know now how to better true up my edges as I sew and the rest of my blocks will be trued up better (I hope!)
Week #4 Assignment:  Make Something!   Now is the fun part.  I have more blocks to make so stay tuned.  I have a finished project in mind for my mini log cabin blocks.  The ladies have been posting the most amazing projects using their mini log cabin blocks.   Since I'm very new to quilting and to this group I'm just excited to play along. 
Within the next few days I'll reveal what I've done with my very first Log Cabin Quilt Blocks that I've ever made. 

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  1. A new year and a new a adventure becomes a beautiful log cabin square! You have had an special eye for combining wonderful colors! Enjoy your creating time!...Jan

  2. Such pretty fabrics, I have never cut out my strips with a pinking blade... can't wait to see your finished project!

  3. Hmmm can't wait to see what you make!


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