Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Making Kitchen Linens

While the wind howls, snow is falling (yes!  STILL) and the temperatures remain so low that we continue to have daily frostbite warnings, I've been keeping warm indoors and dreaming of spring flowers while doing a lot of sewing.  In particular, I've been making a variety of kitchen linens; everything from tea towels, hot pads and pot holders to aprons.

I've fallen in love with Tanya Whelan's line of lovely floral prints and using them in my kitchen linens.

My BFF had a birthday recently I sent her these pot holders and tea towels as a gift.  She'd had an old, worn and well used and loved pair of pot holders very similar to this and it was time to freshen up her kitchen linens supply.  I'm so pleased that she was thrilled to receive them.

I should get in my kitchen and put my new kitchen linens to use now.  What shall I make for dinner tonight?  Something that will be warm and filling.  It is a very, VERY cold and frigid day today.  Hmmmm...did someone mention something about it being Spring tomorrow?  It is going to be a long time before we fill any warmth here.
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  1. These Jennifer are truly lovely l can see why you have fallen in love with them they are gorgeous x

  2. I too love Tanya Whelan's fabrics. Oh so pretty! Your use of them here for kitchen linens is lovely! :)

  3. I have fallen in LOVE with your kitchen linens! I love all of them, but most of all the Apron Kitchen Towels with the pink and white detail. Do you plan to make and sell anymore of these with the english roses on your etsy site? I was in such a hurry to buy them but alas, they were sold.

    1. Sarah, I'm in the midst of creating a whole new variety of kitchen linens. Chech back in a couple weeks and I hope you'll find something you will like. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your inquiry.


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