Sunday, August 10, 2014

My 60th Birthday

Today is my 60th birthday and I have a lot of thoughts about this BIG birthday.  This isn't my normal post but today evoked so many emotions in me that I just felt the need to write them down.

I've never been bothered by birthdays.  They came.  The numbers progressed.  Birthdays just happened.  But this year was different.  I am now 60 years old.  I really can't be considered even middle aged.  Nope...I'm getting up there in years.

Kind and thoughtful friends and family have given the usual lines such as, "You are only as old as you feel."  And, "...age is just a number" but you know what?  In reality, I AM older than I feel and age IS a number and my number this year is 60!  As well meaning as these phrases may have been offered, I just haven't been able to shake the number.  My grandmother, who I loved dearly, was already 60 when I was born so I always thought she was old.  I'm NOT middle aged because let's be realistic here!  Even though I plan to live beyond 100 years, I highly doubt I'll make it to 120 which would still allow me to consider myself middle aged.

And this past year I've had several physical and health concerns that are not going to get better with "a spoon full of sugar."  Nope!  They are signs of growing older.

All of this has really gotten me...yes I'll admit it...depressed.  Silly or not, this NUMBER has affected me and how I feel.

NOW, before you stop reading (if you've read this far even) and think that I'm all gloom, doom and on death's doorstep, I must say that I've had a wee bit of an epiphany.  It actually came from my Aunt who sent me a birthday card and wrote, "consider 60 as the next exciting chapter in your life."  Now THAT was positive inspiration.  No berating or negating the number.  However, it certainly is a new chapter that I've not experienced.

And do you want to know something?  It IS going to be a new chapter.  This past week the Mister and I made an offer on a 5 acre, century old farmhouse and barn and beautiful piece of property in the country and the offer was accepted.  We purchased our retirement home and with it, a dream of mine is going to come true.  I'll have my very own little homestead with my horses in the barn and all of the critters I can afford to keep. 

So I'll end today's little epistle on a positive note about turning 60.  I didn't have a party.  There were no balloons or birthday cake.  But what there is is an adventure to come.  I move a lot slower than I once did.  I do use a cane from time to time.  I can't ride my horse like a young person or chase her in play.  BUT, I can look forward to and enjoy all of the dreams I've had my entire life of living in the country on my own little farm.  Having as big of a garden as I can manage.  Enjoying my home and my critters.

Yep!  Life is going to be ok...60 or not.  Everything is going to be ok.

Until next time,




  1. Oh Jennifer!! Congrats on turning 60. Growing older is certainly not fun, and while some of us can't accept a higher number, (like me, who still claims to be 29), it sure is an adventure. Embrace it and know you are going to LOVE retiring into that wonderful dream farm of yours where you will have all the critters who will love on you! Enjoy it to the max and know that there couldn't have been a greater Birthday gift. Happy, Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!! ENJOY!!! :)

    1. Thank you, America! You are most certainly correct! I can't imagine a greater gift than our own little piece of heaven/farm.

  2. Oh my...I have been having the SAME thoughts as I near 60! 50 was no biggie, but 60 is a milestone! Thanks for such a positive view!

  3. Jennifer, forgot to say that your sweet baby picture is so beautiful!

  4. Chubby thighs and cheeks! I never lost them. :-). Haha

  5. So sorry I missed your special day but already you are beginning your next chapter..."The dream come true!" How fabulous your purchase was finalized at this time. You have briefly mentioned your dream for many years and it was so seemed so far away. So very HAPPY for you and the entire family! Enjoy the grand moment!
    Birthday hugs!...Jan

  6. Happy Belated Birthday... I always take turning another year older just fine too, but a couple of days after turning 50 I had a real bad episode of Vertigo that lasted a few weeks and just before that I had injured my foot and since I was so dizzy I didn't get it looked at until I was getting better from the Vertigo so I was kind of out of it my first month of turning 50 and all I wanted to do is go back to my 40's. Your new home sounds fantastic and I wish you all the best in the years ahead!

  7. Happy belated birthday. So glad that you are getting the chance to live out a dream. :)
    I hope that you thoroughly enjoy every single moment. :)

  8. Happy belated birthday, dear friend!!! Congratulations on your new home. I look forward to seeing more photos and your life stories as you move into this next chapter. Xoxo


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