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A Wave From Mama

I received an Advance Reader's Copy of A Wave From Mama in exchange for an honest review.

A Wave From MamaA Wave From Mama by A. Robert Allen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Wave from Mama is the second novel in A. Robert Allen’s series, Slavery and Beyond. An historical fiction novel that begins in the year 1863, following the Draft Riots, in Weeksville, New York where former slaves find refuge in the camp where they found refuge and yearned to start a new life. It is a history lesson in post civil war tense relations between Blacks, Irish immigrants, gangs and police corruption and incorporated in the story is the historic importance of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The reader is immediately introduced to the central characters, Venture Simmons who is a socially awkward and physical small but very agile boy who witnessed the rape and murder of his mother, and the man, Moses Brown, who would become Venture’s confidant and best friend. Venture promises his Mama’s memory to all with the shouts, “You killed Mama, and you’re all gonna pay!”

The story of Venture is touching with the love and friendship of the people who would become his family who take him in as their own family (Esther, Thomas, Mabel and Horace Washington), his friend Moses, the young girl Grace who would eventually become his wife, and John Singleton and most importantly Venture’s love and devotion to his Mama’s memory. This love and friendship all in the midst of the tumultuous time in history.

A Wave from Mama is a history lesson of events that I wasn’t aware of; that is the Draft Riots, the clash between the Irish and Blacks and the history and significant importance of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. I was immediately drawn in to the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and thank the author, A. Robert Allen, for teaching me about these aspects of post civil war history and slavery that I knew little about in a most captivating novel.

Historic fiction is my favorite genre of fiction and this novel did not disappoint.

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