Saturday, November 3, 2007

Autumn walk in the woods

We couldn't have had a more perfect sunny, crisp winter is a coming morning so we scraped the frost off the windows of the van, loaded 'Bella and Gabe in and headed to the woods.

This particular park is about 45 minutes away from our house but well worth the drive for Gabe and 'Bella to be able to roam off leash in the woods and trails.

This was a particularly good exercise for Gabe to show what he has learned in obedience classes about coming when called. He is such a class clown and loves to socialize with the other dogs and sometimes seems to say, "...uhhh yes, in a minute I'll come" but today at the park he came running back each time I called. Hurray for Gabe!

No walk is complete without finding a prize stick to carry around and of course showing it to all of the other dogs at the park. Gabe lets 'Bella find the stick and then he takes it and carries it for her. 'Bella wishes he'd just find his own. SIGH...little brothers!

What else can I say but, "Aren't I cute?!"

Bella was on a mission to find a bigger stick!

Gabe and 'Bella really are the best of friends. Never too far from one another's side.

Hurry up you guys! This is fun!

All too soon, we had to go home. Until next weekend.... Woofs and slobbers from 'Bella and Gabe.


  1. Such handsome and regal looking dogs. I love all the action shots. It looks like a grand day out.

  2. How fun for them. I love to watch dogs out in the "wild" when they just run and have fun. No wonder they fell asleep in your garden. Nice woofies.

  3. TFS the day with the babies. I can almost taste the fresh air. You are such a good mommy.


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