Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Craft Fair

It has been ages, it seems, since I've posted, made cards, been creative....I miss stamping and cardmaking! Between 'Bella's surgery and all of the physical care required to take care of her and the craft fair this past weekend, I've not been able to stamp or make cards. Funny how one can miss a hobby so much! Hopefully I'll be able to remedy the situation today and have some new cards tomorrow.

Now......about the craft fair. After months of preparations it was a complete BUST! We didn't sell anything. Nuthin'! Nada! Zip! Ok...that isn't entirely true. As we were setting up one of the other craft vendors saw Paul's darling toy trains and bought one before the fair started.

The man in charge of the craft fair said he'd been doing this 2-day craft fair for over 20 years and this was the dullest year ever! He was very apologetic but of course it wasn't his fault. All of the other vendors who had been involved in other Christmas craft fairs in the area the past few weekends said the same is true at all of them in our area. It seems people are just not going to the traditional craft fairs this year and buying. We have a new Walmart in our town that just opened two weeks ago. Could the people be going there? Nahhhh...well...I don't know. Could the strong Canadian dollar be sending people south and over the border to the U.S. to shop? Who knows.

Anyway, Paul and I spent two LONG days in close proximity...more time together than we usually do and we ended up just laughing the situation off. We figure we are all set for NEXT YEAR'S craft fairs, right?

The only photos I took was while we were just starting to set up the table with Paul's trains. So here are a few snaps of his trains, his first sale (before we had even set up) and his fireman's ladder which you have to see in action to appreciate how they work.


  1. Isn't that disheartening, when we work so hard to prepare. Good for you both that you've laughed it off! Great attitude! Your fans are looking forward to SEEING more of your wonderful stamped cards and colouring as much as you're looking forward to CREATING them! Hope you enjoy an artsy week, Jennifer!

  2. That is such a big letdown. So sorry it wasn't a hit. Darn people don't know what they are missing with handcrafted merchandise. It's special darnit! Love the trains. He's quite the little woodworking elf eh'? Better luck next time. What were you selling anyway? Please tell!!

  3. Well, you can stop buying Christmas gifts for your family...everyone gets a craft show special!...sorry it didn't work out better!
    Can't wait to see your work this week!

  4. oh geeze...what a mess. I didn't know Bella had an operation...I hope she is doing well...also I know all the hard work that goes into the craft fair..I am sorry you guys had a bad time. :(

  5. Momma J,

    Have you been getting my emails? They've been bouncing back to my inbox. Call me!

  6. Aww....I'm sorry to hear it wasn't more successful. That is a bummer!!!! I love the pics of the handmade toys that Paul made. If Lucas was still two years old, I'd be snatching up one of Paul's train sets. Undoubtedly, I'd be snatching up a ton of your cards and pins also. Chin up! If you did this again, you can chalk this fair up as good experience for the future.

  7. Bummer about the craft fair, Jennifer. I wonder were everyone went? Paul's trains are very cool. They just don't make toys like that anymore.


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