Saturday, February 2, 2008

In Memory of Lori Adelaars

Today I would like to pay tribute and loving memory to Lori Adelaars. Lori passed away two years ago today and left behind a husband, three children and hundreds upon hundreds of friends.

Many of you who read this will know Lori from the Papercrafts Magazine message board (PCMB) or saw her gallery posts at 2 Peas in a Bucket website.

Lori was fun!
Lori was kind!
Lori was creative!
Lori was an enthusiastic papercrafter!
Lori was an expert gardener!
Lori was a proud and loving wife and mother!
Lori was my friend!

Lori, we miss you and hold your memory in our hearts. You shared so much of yourself and thinking of you brings a smile because we had the pleasure of your kindness, and a tear because we miss you.


  1. Thanks for remembering Lori. This time of year is especially difficult for me between Christmas our aniversary and Lori's birthday all being within about a month of each other. Our kids and I stay very close although none of the live with me anymore. Sarah calls me every day. She will get her bachelors degree in May and then plans to go to law school. I see Amy and Jason every week or two. They are both working at their careers and nearing marrage. Having Lori miss all these special events causes great emotional strain. I have been back to work for over a year which keeps me active. I have taken up a new hobby of flying and should have my license by March. Lori would not approve. I have many friends and with them and my kids I have a great support system. I miss her ever day but know she would be happy to see the way we are going along.

    Joe Adelaars

  2. So glad to hear Joe and the kids are doing well! I miss Lori too!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to a very special lady. It's so nice to hear an update about her family. Hugs all around.

  4. Jennifer, thanks for remembering our Lori today. She eill forever be in our hearts.


  5. Thanx for the loving, thoughtful tribute Jennifer and was great to hear an update from her family. HUGS

  6. i don't know if you'll read this, but i am sarah's (lori's daughter's) best friend and my mother (cathy) was lori's best friend. i think about lori often, as does my mom. i was thinking about her today and thought i'd google her old username "who moi". i came across a post from a long time ago back on scrap shack's website with a link to your blog here. thought i'd post :)

    sarah's now in law school up at USF. next year will be her final year. her mom would be SO proud. she looks fantastic and is so happy. amy is a mortician and happily married currently living in napa valley. jason married this christmas and will start grad school very soon in monterey.

    since none of lori's family were crafters, my mother and i inherited much of her supplies and work. i treasure lori's stamps and projects. she actually was my inspiration for starting my own crafting forum ( i host the ATC swaps there like lori used to host.

    lori's spirit and generosity will always be missed!

    - Love, Elizabeth (


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