Friday, March 14, 2008

Vintage Chick and Egg

Vintage designs have always been a challenge for me. I love them but it isn't a style that I create in very well so usually I just drool over other people's work in the Vintage genre. When I saw the Paper Inspirations stamps though, I had to get a few and give them a try. I still find it very difficult to get my mind to work with them but I sure do love the look of them.

This stamp is from Paper Inspirations. I colored the image with Pastel Chalks and in a couple places (mostly the leaves) added just a light touch of prismacolor pencil. Primarily, though, these are done in chalk. I then added some beads to the flower, a tiny crystal to the chick's eye and some plaid ribbon.

I'm happy with this for me. I would love to see other people's interpretation using this stamp. I know that there is so much more that could be done.

Oh yes. I changed my blog template AGAIN! A friend and I were discussing blog backgrounds the other day. I said for me it was kind of like rearranging one's furniture. It always makes it feel like a new room. I'm not thrilled with this color so I may change it again in a day or two.


  1. OUTSTANDING Jennifer! Beautiful chalk coloring!

  2. Listen, Honey, it doesn't matter what you do - - it's ALL gorgeous! It's your attention to detail that gets it done. This is beautiful and so is last year's card. I LOVED the old blog banner, but this sure looks like SPRING! If you're gonna "rearrange the furniture", keep it sunny and bright for a bit. Hoping for 40s and sunshine in the middle of the mitten and that'll make for a happy Friday. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Well my opinion is:
    1- I love your new blog colour
    2- the colours on your card are so real to life
    3- I absolutely think you did a tremendous job on that stamp - it is an absolutely gorgeous card!

  4. Jennifer, omgosh, this is simply beautiful! You did a great job with that technique! Wow..and I really like your blog background too!

  5. I just "gasped," Jennifer, when my eyes saw this beautiful, beautiful card. I have no is stunning!

  6. You must be changing the blog again, because it looks very plain to me, no banner or background. I'll check back later. OK, holy cow that's an amazing little easter chick. I love that you stamped it in brown and all those perfect little touches.

  7. You could color with dog turd and it would look FABULOUS!! LOL You are the queen of coloring and you do very nicely with vintage too! You are an inspiration!!


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