Thursday, March 6, 2008

Winter in Ottawa

Do you want to know why I've been able to take so much time lately to color and make cards? Welcome to my world. This is winter in Ottawa. We have had continuous snow since the 19th of November! We haven't seen the ground since. Consequently, I've been snowed in this year many a day in a row.

These are photos taken of my husband just an hour or so ago, digging out yesterday's storm. We are bracing for 30 more centimeters of snow this weekend. you can understand why I am enjoying making cards with flowers on them because it is going to be a long, LONG time before I'll have any growing.


  1. You are sooo lucky! You might not think so but honestly, we are living so far south now that I doubt if I'll ever see more than a dusting of snow here once in a blue moon. I guess it's different living with it every day but to me it's still exciting when it snows :)

  2. Oh. My. Gawd!!!

    I really don't know if I could stand that much snow. I don't think I would ever leave the house. I do not like to be cold. At least you can color to keep yourself busy.

  3. We're having the same type of winter! I can't wait for spring!

    Great pictures.


  4. Hmmm...maybe I'll reconsider my travel plans to Ottawa...ack!

  5. Nice to see pictures of your home but oh my - so much snow and since November - that is too much cold for my liking!

  6. So glad he got home to dig you out! I have to tell you I was doing the REALLY HAPPY dance this morning when the weatherguy said we WEREN'T getting the snow and that it was going south and east toward Ontario. We are 30"+ over our average annual snowfall this winter. Luckily my snowblower has been running like a champ and I haven't lost my touch with the shovel when I need to do that, either. Praying we are all getting some warmer (not greedy
    40s is good) temperatures and some MUD. At least your coloring is not suffering from the forced hibernation. Happy Weekend!

  7. I am a little jealous, I love snow, I miss it. living in the shore of new jersey we get next to none. Not enough for a snowman or a I must say you look like you got MORE than your share. do the dogs just love it??


  8. Can I ask a stupid question? Why don't you have a snow-blower. We get very little snow here & dh insisted on getting one for us. Is it too much snow for a blower?

  9. Wow, I´ve never seen so much Snow since I was a child.

    Here in Germany the Sun is shining and the Daffodils and Crocuses say hello to us.

  10. Jennifer
    I showed my DH the photos tonight. We have almost hit a record here this year for snow. I kept telling him we needed to buy a snow blower - hee hee and we have not! :)
    your POOR DH!!!!


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