Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Stamps

It is always dangerous for me to go to HEATHER'S STAMPING HAVEN in Ottawa. I never can get out of there without a new stamp (or two or three....)

Heather has designed the most super new stamp sets. She has had them made by The Stamp Barn but her designs are ingenius!

Here is one set I bought. See the birthday present outline? That is one stamp. Then she has designed three different inside decorations, if you will, to over stamp and decorate the present. For this card I chose the candles and balloons. Here is a photo of the stamp set and you can see the pansies and birds as well as a snowflake and candy design for the gift. Won't the snowfake/candy design be fun to use for Christmas gift tags? And the flowers and pansies for mother's day or shower gifts and cards?

Another set that I bought is her butterfly set that works the same way and I'm eager to make cards with them.

Click on the photos to enlarge so you can see the fun details in the overstamping you can create. Oh, and Heather does ship to the U.S. Just thought you'd like to know.

She also has a shoe set and if you are nuts for shoes that are "too cha-cha for words" you'll love the various shoe styles you can create.

For this card I watercolored the present with Tombow markers, added stickles, ribbon and copious amounts of Cuttlebugging from the embossed Happy Birthday background to the tags and mat die cuts. The sentiment is from SU.

I'm back to stamping. I've gone through terrible withdrawl pains these past few weeks not stamping and making cards but there have been just too many other things going on. I'm also doing a lot more sewing these days. But even with dogs, hogs and sewing I'll never stop card making and stamping. Nope! Never!

Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it more than you can imagine!


  1. WOW! These new stamps are so neat. I love how you did your cards too. Very pretty!!! Glad to see you back stamping!!

  2. What fun stamps. I love the butterfly and in my mind I saw a bird set working with this concept.

  3. It's always fun getting new stamps! Even though I haven't stamped in over three weeks... that hasn't stopped me from buying them.

    Great cheerful cards :)

  4. Oh my, isn't that butterfly stamp just gorgeous? I love everyone of the stamps and I adore your card! I am so glad that all is well with you; I have missed you!

  5. Love the card! You have a great sense for color. The new stamp sets are gorgeous. I went to their store site....nice stuff! How far from their store to SW Wisconsin? I like to see my stamps in person before I buy them.... and then I usually buy more ; )

  6. Love this card!!! I'm in love with those new stamps at Heather's too. They're fabulous! I got the butterfly one but I'm sad to say it's only seen ink once. So much stamping to do but so little time :-(
    The card you've created is so fresh and fun, and a real inspiration. Congrats on the new Harley too!

  7. Those are really cool stamps and I love your card.


  8. Oh, your masking is clever! Who would've thought to place the candles on the body of the cake, itself? That is really neato! Enjoy your fun new stamps! Looks like you've got quite a few of them, too!


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