Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sassy Apron Swap arrived!

I was tickled this past week when I received this sweet apron from my swap partner, Emily M. for the Spring SASSY APRON SWAP. The Sassy Apron Swap consists of four aprons to be made and swapped among partners with the seasonal theme. This darling blue print apron is the SPRING themed apron made for me by my partner, Emily. I love the constrasting fabrics and colors...and of course the rick-rack!

Emily also surprised me by enclosing these beautiful custom designed Grocery Shopping lists for me to take the drudgery out of the chore of shopping lists. Aren't they beautiful?!

Below is the apron I made and sent to my swap partner, Kristin. I hope she liked it.

If you are interested in sewing and especially handmade aprons and would like to participate in the Summer Sassy Apron Swap, click HERE and read more about it.

Another fun new website is the APRONISTA. You can see my badge on my right sidebar and new memberships are welcome.

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  2. You lucky lady! This is a darling apron! I wish I could sew clothing. I can only sew squares (I can't sew curves.) And, even I struggle with that. LOL! What a lovely collection of aprons you will have when you are complete with the swap.

  3. The aprons are so darling, Jennifer!

    It's so fun seeing my fellow cardmakers dive into something other than cardmaking/papercrafts!!! I am starting a beginners sewing class on April 22 and really looking fwd to it. Im ashamed that I dont know how to sew, my mom does - but she didnt teach me. I didnt take it in high school because I took cooking instead. I cannot wait.

  4. Oh, that rickrack just makes me want to squeal. Beyond adorable. What a wonderful swap to be in. I love the bit of lace on your red apron, too. Really fantastic.


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