Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pitaya, also known as Dragon Fruit

Have you ever tasted Dragon Fruit? Prior to last night, I had not. Isn't it an interesting looking fruit?
Here is the story of my introduction to this fruit. I was at the bank yesterday and two of the tellers were talking about this interesting looking fruit. One said that it was white and black inside. Sort of hard to describe the flavor but really nice on a fruit tray. One of the bankers came out of his office and asked her to cut it so we could all see it and try it. She said, "No way! This is my supper!" We laughed and I asked her where she got it. There is a special fresh fruits and meats shop within walking distance to the bank and she'd just purchased it there. She said they aren't available very often and a bit pricey for one: $5.00!

I'm game to try new things and especially fruits and vegetables so we got back to our banking and I walked over to the market and bought one for our supper.

Once home and after my husband said, "we are EATING THAT??!!" and he recovered from the shock when I said "ABSOLUTELY!" I had to figure out how to serve it.

I cut in half and true to the teller's word, it is white with tiny black seeds. I would compare it's texture inside as a cross between a kiwi fruit and a pear. The same color and a bit "gritty" in texture like a pear but the seeds are like you have in kiwi.

My next thought was, how does one peel this?

The skin just peeled easily from the side.

Perhaps you've eaten Dragon Fruit before. This was something new for me and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I've since read about it and have learned that it is a product of Vietnam. It is called Pitaya - Vietnam Dragon Fruit and is a spectacular night flowering cactus.


  1. I have never heard of that before, but I'm glad to know it exists, and that it was good. And what an interesting appearance it has!


  2. That is so cool. I just wondered where you bought it as I think we're in the same city since you mentioned Heather's on Greenbank in a previous post.

    Also, I was thinking what a pretty combination of colours for a card that would make.

  3. Hi I've had this before. At my daughter's school they are always trying to encourage more fruit and veg to be eaten. This year they have had the A-Z of Fruit and Veg, and for D we had Dragon Fruit..... I think it looks lovely, but I was disappointed by the taste... sort of nothing/grainy/not very tasty, but a great talking point..... As always...... love the cards on your blog...

  4. I've heard of it but never seen it. Great pictures. It looks very weird. The outside is so colorful and the inside so blah. I will keep my eyes open for this fruit to try.

  5. I have never heard of it or seen it, looks rather interesting.

  6. This is new to me too - how interesting!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Now, Jennifer, when I first saw the photo, I thought it was a sculpture of some kind and then when I read your words, I truly learned something new. I had no idea that this fruit even existed. Thank you for the lesson; it looks beautiful on the outside and so different on the inside. WOW!

  8. Thanks for teaching me something new. Terrific pictures, fun story.

  9. Very interesting. I've never seen one before. I'm always up for trying a new fruit. I live about 15 minutes away from Little Saigon. Maybe I should look in their market.

  10. It's a THANH FRUIT!!! LOL

    You beat me to the punchline. I was getting all excited to tell you that it was a fruit from Vietnam. I'm glad you enjoyed it. My mom thoroughly enjoys it as well, though I find that it kind of has a bland taste myself. But it is sooo pretty. You should scrapbook about it, Jennifer!

  11. Oh Jennifer, you always have a surprise up your sleeve. I too love new fruits and veggies! Thanks for sharing this beauty!

  12. Wow! We were just talking about those tonight. We eat them in Indonesia. They are super yummy. Overseas they also make a Capri Sun drink in Dragon Fruit flavor. Aren't they interesting?


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