Friday, June 13, 2008

How would you title your Memoir?

I'VE BEEN TAGGED by my friend, DEBORAH who lives in Nova Scotia. She asked me what would be the title to your own memoir, if you were to write one? Deborah said,
"Mine would be Carpe Diem...Latin for Seize the Day.

So now it is my turn to choose a title for my memoir. Hmmm...I've been thinking about this for a couple of days. I wouldn't even begin to give my children, siblings or husband the opportunity to title MY memoir. I'm sure they'd all come up with something creative! Hee hee hee! after much thought, I'd call mine, Does my Harley Sportster make my derrière look big? Actually, that is my working title for an article I'm writing for a motorcycle column about older female riders of motorcycles. But this title has more to do with always trying new things and adventures. Frequently (almost always) when I try new things, there are and always have been some type of comical moment(s) in my adventures. And, this was actually the question I asked my husband the first time he rode behind me on my motorcycle. He just rolled his eyes, laughed and answered the appropriate response of, "Of course NOT, Skippy!" (He always calls me skippy, thus the origin of my cries of "yippee skippy!"

So now I tag a few of my blogging buddies JAN from Alaska (FAR NORTH DESIGNS), ETHEL (THE PAPER QUILTER) from Nebraska and TAMI (DAPPLE DESIGNS) from California and ask the same question of you, what would you title your life's memoir.

OH, and ladies, be sure to link back to this post after you post your response because I want to know what your titles will be.


  1. Oh My Word! This is a tough one. OK..... I'll have to give this lots of thought. How fun to be tagged! OK.....I'll get back with ya on this.......

  2. What a fun tag! This will certainly get some other creative juices flowing! I'll be back with the beginning of "the rest of my story"...thanks for the challenge!...Jan

  3. YAAAYY! LOVE your title! Hope your brain pain has eased. (lol)

  4. So, when will we get to read the whole story??? With that title and a picture of your beauty, I'm sure it'll be a best seller. Got a new bicycle last weekend and never thought to ask Jeff what I looked like from his vantage point...


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