Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Home

I've been awfully slow about making cards since we lost Bella. My big dog really took our hearts with her and I find it difficult to get the drive to create. Gabe, my Landseer, keeps me company but he too is mourning the loss of his big sister so I guess all of this is to say that we are a couple of sad sacks.

This is a card I made a month or so ago. This stamp is an old, old, old stamp made by Stampendous. I think it is so cute today just as much as years ago when I got it. You probably can't read from the photo but the little bird house says "For WRENT" and the other bird house says "Home TWEET Home". So cute!

Anyway, just wanted to say I haven't been completely lazy...just mostly ......

I've got a lot of new images colored and hope to be posting more cards more regularly.

Until then,


  1. Here's a {{HUG}} for you and Gabe. Hang in there. We'll all be waiting for whenever you come back and however you come back.
    Cute card - - reminds me I need to finish the one I started for my neighbors that moved to Florida a month ago today.

  2. Mourning takes time my friend. Give yourself some space for that and don't forget to get Gabe out for some romps. It will do both of you a world of good to get moving and out in the world. Sending you lots and lots of hugs. Bella was such a beautiful girl. I'm so sorry she's gone.

  3. It's perfectly understandable that you're not in a "creating" mood, right now. Don't feel as if you have to make a whole bunch of stuff. A little at a time, just to provide you with some distraction does sound good, though. HUGS to you and yours, Ethel

  4. You take all the time you need, Jennifer. I will be looking forward to seeing more posts from you when the time is right. *HUGS*

  5. Adorable card!! I love the colors. Chat with me when you can.

    Hugs to you,

  6. Jennifer your card is just beautiful! I am so sorry about Bella! :( I found scrapping about my cat helped me when I lost him.
    HUGS and prayers being sent your way!

  7. It's a lovely card Ms Jennifer. LOADS of cyber-hugs comin' your way...

  8. Perfectly wonderful. I love the bright and cheerful colors. The ribbon is perfect too!


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