Sunday, September 21, 2008

A blog candy giveaway challenge

Are you up for a challenge? How about some blog candy? I want to pay it forward. Today I learned that my dear friend ETHEL announced that I was the winner of her blog candy giveaway on her blog.

Since it is just as fun to give as well as receive I thought I'd present some blog candy for giveaway. You know how I've been using the FLOWER SOFT embellishment on a lot of my cards lately? Well if you'd like a chance to receive your own jar of Pale Green FLOWER SOFT all you have to do is play along with my challenge.

Look closely at this card. Do you know what the "BLUE MOON" label is? YES! It is a beer bottle label. I thought this label was so pretty and would make a fun autumn card so I soaked the label off the beer bottle (I filled the sink with very hot water and let it soak until it peeled away) and then I matted it and created an autumn card. FUN! Since I made this card I've been saving pretty and/or interesting labels from wine bottles, beer bottles and fruit juice bottles. It is amazing how pretty some of the labels are.

SO HERE IS YOUR CHALLENGE TO WIN FLOWER SOFT OF YOUR OWN! Create a card using a label from a beverage bottle (good excuse to check out some micro breweries or local wineries). Once you've created your card post a comment on this post with a link to your card on your blog. If you don't have a blog, that's ok. Just email me with a photo of your card attached to the email. I'll make the deadline for your entry Saturday, October 4th at 11:59 p.m. EST. That gives you almost two weeks to drink up and create!

I want everyone to have a chance to win this neat new product. I'll mail anywhere in the world so don't let something like that big pond stop you from this challenge.

So get out your bottle opener and while you are sipping your favorite beverage think of how you can make a card for any occasion out of the label and link your card here and I'll use the random number thingy to choose a winner. You can make as many DIFFERENT label cards and enter them too for additional chances to win.


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  2. FUN challenge Ms Jennifer! Thinking thinking thinking...

  3. I love that beer bottle label, Jennifer. It is so perfect for this time of the year.

    Some of our labels (on wine and beer bottles) are placed on there with a really strong adhesive. It's not as simple as soaking them in hot water, or steaming them. I've struggled with many beautiful labels only to ruin them in the process of trying to remove them. If someone has a great suggestion for how I can remove them, please do share!

  4. Where ya been?? I did this trick months ago. My pen pal in Alaska brews his own beer. I was visiting good friends and I saw a beer bottle with his last name on it!?!! No, it's no relation, but who cares. I was bugging Pat to soak off that label for me and,of course, I made a card and sent it off. LOVE your card! Can't play - no way to share, but this is a GREAT way to get people to think. Good luck getting lots of cool entries.

  5. Boy, that card is simply splendid, Jennifer! Aren't you the clever one!!!!!!!!!! I might just have to do this challenge!

    Oh, love the new blog look!

  6. Well, darn, we don't drink beer and my husband makes his own wine, so no entry for me. I must say, I LOVE this label--so if you drink another one of those beers, can I have the label? LOL! It is awesome! And you did a great job with turning it into a card!
    Your new blog look is very neato!

  7. This is such a beautiful card!! I am not sure if I am up to the challenge, but I have to admit...I did give my bottle of "Sunkist Orange Float" a second glance last night before I threw it away!!!! LOL

  8. A lovely challenge my friend. I'll be here busy soaking bottles.

  9. Great card Jennifer, I recognized the Blue Moon label right away... not that I'm a big drinker or anything!

    Just wanted to let you know that you've been tagged, check out my blog for details. Have a great day ~ J

  10. Love your bottle label and also the little embossed pumpkin in the lower right hand corner too!

  11. Yea! I got the label off in one piece! Jennifer-this is amazying I have always had trouble with larger labels but this was a snap. But the hard part is then what do you do??? Especially since mine is for a summer ale and it is now winter here LOL.

    But you are welcome to take a look
    Thanks for the challenge Jennifer!


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