Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sheet music cards

Last year my mother moved from the house she and my father had lived in for more than 50 years to an apartment. My mother is a life long musician so naturally, she's acquired a great deal of sheet music and books over the many years. When it came time to move she gave away much of her music to other teachers, church organists and choir directors and also to many of her musician friends. Some of the music, though, was very old, discolored and torn. I let her know that any music she no longer wanted or could give away, I would love to use for cards. And so she gave me a lot of old sheet music.

I was playing around with some of the sheet music the other day. This first card I just might use for some of my Christmas cards this year. It is quite simple and quick to make but I like this sentiment with the music background.

The next card is just for fun...well actually, it is "just a note" card! It is based primarily on the Christmas card but one that could be used for any occasion or just a note.

These cards are minimal stamping but were a lot of fun to make. I'm going to see what else I can come up with using some of my mother's sheet music. I like that it has yellowed over the years. It gives these cards a special "vintage" look to them.

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  1. May not be much stamping but they are both gorgeous!

  2. This is making very beautiful cards! :)

  3. Vintage and very Classy! Hope you send one to Mom so she can see how wonderful her gift was - do you have a photo of her playing music to add on instead of a stamped image? My uncles love when I make cards with copies of old family photos, even crusty old Uncle Max.

  4. These are fantastic cards. I love the little corner pieces on these and the poinsettia on the first one.

    You've been very busy this week. Love all of your new cards. Gorgeous work.

  5. I love reading that these sheets of music once belonged to your mom. It makes each card all the more memorable. When I go hunting for vintage photographs at the flea market or antique store, I often wonder about the story behind the photographs. I wonder about the families in the photos; and what their lives were like. When I use "stock photos" in my cards, I sometimes feel as if I'm revealing a face of a person who may not have wanted to share their photograph with the world. But, the fact that these music sheets did belong to your mom, and she enjoyed playing them, breathes new life into them.... and they will to continue to brighten up someone else's day when you create something out of them.

  6. Oh they're wonderful Ms Jennifer, and how special to be able to use your Mom's music! Lucky you! What make are the corner die cuts you used? They're delightful! Hope you're enjoying a FABULOUS time away!

  7. Both cards are so creative and wonderful! And both are so unique and the words are perfect for each one!

  8. These are gorgeous Jennifer! This was such a great idea!


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