Monday, January 26, 2009

My new love...My Cello

Please allow me to introduce to you my new cello. I just purchased it this past Saturday. I really don't like to think that I need a "bucket list" of dreams of things to do before I die, as I prefer to live each day and enjoy new discoveries as they come. However, if I were to have a "bucket list" then I would say that top among the things I wanted to do before I die is to learn to play the cello.

I grew up in a musical family. My mother was and still is an accomplished pianist and organist. My father had the most beautiful singing voice and played the piano and trombone as well. With five children in my family money was tight, but music was abundant. While we may not have had some "things" we did have music! Each of my siblings learned to play the piano. Being the stubborn "middle child" of five, I didn't want to play the piano (and boy-oh-boy do I regret that stubborn streak now!). My aunt and my great grandfather had violins. Since the instruments were available for me to use I took violin lessons. But what I wanted to play, with all my HEART wanted to play, was the cello.

Up until now I've never had the means or opportunity to play. Well, my friends, this gal ain't gettin' any younger. Last year, after seeing the movie "The Bucket List," Paul (my husband) and I began a continuing conversation of things we feel we'd regret if we didn't at the very least get to try. It became a kind of verbal bucket list between the two of us. Paul continued to ask me why not get a cello and live my dream? Well, for one thing, they aren't cheap. Besides, aren't I kind of old to start something new like this? After a lot of encouragement and soul searching I began to research cellos. I knew I didn't want a student/starter cello. I wanted an instrument that had a quality tone and construction. Last Saturday I found my new cello.

The photos don't do it justice because I got a lot of flash back in the photos. But I had to post a couple photos. I'm in contact with four different cello instructors in our area and will soon arrange with one of them to be my teacher.

For now, I wanted you to meet my newest cello. Look out Yoyo I come! :)


  1. You go, Girl! YOU are so inspiring, Jennifer. Not only do you have beautiful artwork, but I love your spunk at trying new things, like the Harley and now the Cello. I hope you (and Paul) find many hours of enjoyment from your new passion.

  2. Oh Jennifer, this is awesome!! What a beautiful instrument! I am so happy for you! I was beginning to worry about you, so I am happy to see you are doing alright! :)

  3. Very cool...I learnt to play the piano, flute and piccolo when I was younger, however I haven't kept it up like I wanted to. If I had to choose another instrument, I would be right there with you and your cello...beautiful!!

    As for being too old...nonsense! My husband's boss retired at 70 and then learnt to play the trumpet. He took a beginners course at the University. The group is so good now that they get invited to perform all over the world!!!

    All the best on your new musical career!

    Michele B

  4. Congratulation on ...WeLL what is HER name??? She is beautiful and such grace...I can hardly wait for the videos to also hear her voice! Can't wait to see this new chapter unfold!

  5. Oh Jennifer your new cello is beautiful and I'm so happy that you were able to follow one of your dreams... you go girl.

    Make sure to keep us updated on your progress... I'll send you an email this evening ;)

  6. Geez!! I've been wondering what happened to you!! Now I know! It's beautiful! Can't wait to hear more about it.

    I see you have "The Art of Racing in the Rain" on your bookshelf thingie... I am just starting to read it. Am I gonna love it???

  7. She is a beauty! I love how the story of how you came to live with her. Beautiful.

  8. I don't think you're ever too old to try something new (well, maybe roller blading!), but definitely not Cello. Would love to hear you someday. I gave you an award on my blog. If you get a chance, stop by and take a look.

  9. I think it's awesome! I am really happy for you that you get out there and do it!

  10. You continue to amaze me HP! You are one Rockin' Mama. You inspire me in so many ways dear friend. Have super duper fun with that sexy new cello and I look forward to seeing more pics and maybe some sound. WTG!

  11. What a most WONDERFUL new girlfriend!!

  12. Well girl, CONGRATULATIONS!! My 2nd cousin is an accomplished cellist in NY and his mother is too (Ohio). I grew up playing the piano but always wanted to desparately learn to play the cello, so I can understand your desire. I am SO happy for you! She is a beauty! ((hugs)) Jane

  13. It's beautiful Jennifer! I love music but sadly cannot play an instrument....yet!
    Good luck with the lessons :) you'll have to you-tube yourself once you've got started :)

    carol x

  14. This is so awesome, congratulations. I was listening to your music and said to myself "is that Yo Yo Ma"? Sure enough, I see your Cello and then I was almost positive it was Yo Yo Ma. I looked at your side bar and you have good taste! Way to go!


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