Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vintage Linens Remixed Apron Swap

You may have noticed on my right sidebar an image announcing the Vintage Linens Remixed Apron Swap. Shawnee came up with an idea for an apron swap that I just couldn't resist. Participants were instructed to shop vintage/antique shops or your local thrift stores and Goodwill shops to find vintage linens and from the treasures you find create an apron. The linens could consist of any type of linen from dish towels, table cloths, curtains, table runners, placemats. Whatever suited your fancy as long as you chose a vintage linen type and reconstructed that linen into an apron.
I joined the swap and eagerly waited for my swap partner's name and preferences. Then I set out to find the vintage linens. This is when I began to get worried. I was having a very difficult time locating vintage linens in my area. Time was ticking down to the deadline to create, package and mail the apron and I still hadn't found linens. YIKES! But I was saved one day last week when I discovered a little shop in the next town over that is a consignment shop for household goods. Yippee! I discovered some beautiful hand embroidered and hand tatted table runners, place mats, chair covers and doilies. I made my purchase of the set of linens and hurried home to decide how I'd create an apron from these beautifully embroidered and tatted table features.

These two panels (below) are thought to have been used for the arms of the dining chairs and they match the placemats. I decided that these would be perfect for the side panels of the apron.

I layed out one of the longer narrow place mats (or perhaps it is a dresser scarf?) between the two smaller chair covers and began to see my apron take shape.

Below you'll see Tango, my orange companion at all times in my sewing room, helping me sew the panels together. Thanks a lot Mr. T, for your invaluable assistance! YIKES!

Once the panels were sewn together I needed to add a waistband. But I thought that something was missing, so I added rows of pintucks in the center of each panel just below the waistband. I thought that for this hostess type of apron the pintucks were a little more vintage looking than merely gathering the apron panels into the waistband and I was pleased with the outcome. Then I added a button on the waistband above the pintucks just for a little more interest.

Another part of the swap was to include in the package a "vintage" recipe. Well, I'm not exactly sure what a vintage recipe is but I decided that my Great Aunt Marie's Oatmeal cookies recipe would suit the requirement as this is an old recipe from my family favorites. I made the recipe card up into a 6" X 6" card that many scrapbookers like to exchange.

In addition to the apron and recipe we were also to include in our swap package a vintage linen and a little 'something-something' for our partner. Since I still had two of the place mats that match the now completed apron, I decided to sent them to my partner. And as a fun little treat I sent my partner the little book by EllynAnne Geisel titled APRONISMS: Pocket Wisdom for Every Day.

This was such a fun apron swap and a bit different from any other apron swap I've participated in because, while we've always made the apron for our partner, the parameters of this swap requiring the repurposing of vintage linens into an apron made this a creative challenge. I do like a challenge! :o)

I hope my partner will be pleased with her vintage hostess apron. I really had a great time putting it together for her.

If you are interested in visiting Shawnee's Vintage Linens Remixed Apron Swap to see some of the other aprons that have been posted thus far, click HERE.



  1. Your swap partner is one lucky lady! That is just so sweet. Love your pintucks & button detail.

  2. wow- that is just awesome :) what a great idea for a swap! I too have a furry helper whenever I try to craft something intricate....but I would be lonely without her...thanks for sharing! <><

  3. Gorgeous... I don't think I would wear something this beautiful to cook in! Tango sure looks like a great little guy to keep you company. ;)

  4. Your swap partner is going to be overjoyed! Wow!

  5. Those pintucks make that apron! This is really a neat project, oh crafty one. I like the idea of using the vintage linens, too and you found some great ones. I may have to look at what the others did, but I have a feeling you were way over the top, like usual. Your recipient is one lucky lady.

  6. Hey! You and I are design twins - laying out our vintage pieces, turning them this way and that until we suddenly see the apron begin to emerge. Then it's a little twist here, a tweak there, a few seams, and ta da! There's still time to enter my FAB(not-a-contest)GIVEAWAY with this project! Please visit my website for details.
    Tie One apron, of course!

  7. This is fantastic, Jennifer. I can't wait to see what you receive in return. I have quite a little collection of vintage linens that I can't seem to part with. What a beautiful way to use them.

  8. Your apron is beautiful! I wish I were your swap partner. I would have to hang that pretty apron in my kitchen rather than use it.

  9. What a lovely idea and a lovely apron! Love the recipe, too! And your kitty helper is so sweet...TFS!


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