Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Harvest - Broccoli

Look what I just harvested from the garden! Five huge heads of broccoli. They are massive, though as I look at the photo it doesn't really show how huge these are. This is the first year I've grown broccoli and I know it will be a staple in our garden in future years. I wasn't sure it was ready a few days ago to be harvested. It was! I thought I'd wait a few more days but this morning I knew if I waited longer it wasn't going to get any better. Woo hooooooo! Fresh broccoli for supper and the rest I'll blanch and freeze. This grew so fast that I'm seriously considering planting more tomorrow and hopefully getting another harvest before the fall.

The sugar snap peas have really taken off. Don't know if you can see them in this photo but I've got some ready. More to come over the next few weeks.

Can you see in the middle of all of the green leaves the cherry tomatoes? These are the BEST cherry tomatoes I've ever eaten. I plant the same variety every year. We tend to stand in the garden and just eat them off the vines until the branches are too full to eat in one standing. Then we'll pick and share them with friends. These plants are so plentiful!

I also have Roma tomatoes for canning, salsa and sauce growing. And then of course what would summer be without fresh beef steak tomatoes. As you can see the plants are getting huge. They are beginning to produce tiny pea size tomatoes so it will be about 4 - 5 weeks before I can begin picking and canning.

The brussels sprouts plants are getting huge but so far I've not seen any sprouts. The carrots are doing very well too. Those are a fall harvest so we'll leave them be for now. The pepper plants are growing but I don't think they are too fond of our sandy soil. We'll see what happens.

Oh, and the beans are really starting to bush out and produce so I imagine in a few weeks we'll begin having fresh beans too.

I just love having a garden. I had to share my broccoli with you though. I get so excited to actually harvest fresh vegetables from my own garden.

A happy day!



  1. Looking good. Yes brocolli is huge but worth the area you use for it. Good luck with the rest of the harvest.

  2. Oh, yummy! You not only have inky fingers, but a green thumb as well.


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