Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Puppy Love - Mojo122

Yesterday Julee posted this week's MOJO122 Sketch Challenge and as soon as I saw it I thought PUPPY LOVE! Anyone who knows me knows of my love of my Newfoundland Dogs and this sketch layout seemed to lend itself to a stamp I haven't used in ages but the comic expression makes me think of my own big dogs.

I can't give you too much detail for the card recipe details because the cute patterned paper with the dots and pawprints is a little scrap leftover in my scrap box and I have no idea of the manufacturer. The Stamp is one of my favorite Eat Cake Graphics stamps. Awww ... just look at that face. So without a lot of card discussion this morning, I present my Mojo122 card for this week's sketch layout which I've aptly named "Puppy Love".

But it would be impossible and not at all appropriate for me not to post some photos of my big puppy loves. These are my Newfoundland Dogs that have owned me in various stages of their lives.
This was my first Newfoundand, Bella. Bella carried her stuffed bear everywhere...even out in the snow.
From left to right is Gabe (Landseer Newfoundland), Paige as a Newborn (also a Landseer Newfoundland) and on the right is Willow, another black Newfoundland we got from a rescue.

Always an oldie but goodie...the day we brought Gabe home and introduced him to Bella. I'm not sure if Bella was as thrilled as Gabe was but they grew up to be best of buddies. I think Gabe still remembers and misses our Bella-bear.

No other words to describe other than BEAUTIFUL WILLOW!

Awww...what a face! This is Paige taken yesterday while I was trying to do something else but she wanted to be in my face! :)

Gabe must always receive loves and hugs if anyone else is getting them. He's first! ALWAYS first in line for lovin'.

So there is today's card and my big puppy loves.

Have a day filled with lots of happiness and love. And if you have a dog, give that pup a hug!




  1. awwwww your pups are adorable! Makes me want to give them some lovin!

    Your card rocks! I love the colors and they way you colored the dog!

  2. well your pups are just the best, what I wouldn't give for a romp with that group! Your card is perfect, love how you have colored the dog, just great. Hugs

  3. sniff, sniff. LOVE your card and your puppies. Sparky, my boyfriend's blind diabetic black lab, passed away 2 days ago. So give your buddies some scratches from me, 'kay?

  4. Cute card Jennifer and I love the photos of your dogs.

  5. Awwwww look at all that furry cuteness! smoooooches. Oh yeah...and the card is adorable too.

  6. Your card is so amusing and reminds me of the pups to a tee! I adore them so much and this post is perfect for preserving memories of Bella. I do remember how cute she was with that bear she lugged everywhere! LOL

  7. I'm so happy to see your sweet pups this morning, Jennifer. How wonderful for them to have such a loving home. I remember when you brought your beautiful Bella home. She was such a sweet girl. Your card captures all of them beautifully.

  8. Ok now I'm totally in love with your dogs and your card is great too!

  9. I also keep a journal of my love for newfies. I take photos and do my blogs. I post it in the social networking site, Path.


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