Thursday, January 14, 2010

Twenty birthday cards - minus one

Ummmm...I should warn you. Sometimes I just get carried away with things. Yes! I do. Case in point: below you'll see this week's Mojo Monday Layout Sketch 121: You know how I've been saying that I want to use some older stamps that haven't been inked in a while? This sketch looked perfect for a birthday card layout so I got out this "Sweet Delights - Cupcake Stand" by Inkspirations and the sentiment stamp that goes with it, "Have your cupcake and eat it too!", also by Inkspirations.

Cute, eh? I used up some scraps of patterned paper and flowers that I hadn't used in ages, added some ribbon, a button, and only had to color the cupcake papers and then I used some liquid pearls for the frosting and cherry and microbeads for the sprinkles. VOILA! A very simple birthday card using Julee's great mojo sketch and there I had a birthday card.

Then I said to myself, "Jennifer, that was quick and cute and you KNOW you never get birthday cards sent on time and you have all of these bits and bobs laying around, so why not make a couple in different colors?" Hey! I'm a genius, right? So I stamped the cupcake tree 20 times!

Just look how cute the blue card is! I think I should make 5 cards of each color. (I thought 6 of each color would be better but, hey...let's not go wild here!)

Oh! Don't forget green! This might be a good one for the men, doncha think? Sure it has a flower on it but it is a manly stripe background!

Well, I happily colored cupcake papers and soon had enough for a set of 16 cards - 4 cards in each color. And above is the set of 16 birthday cards ready to use.

What happened to the other four images? Hadn't I stamped 20 total? Well, actually I messed up an image and so I had three extra and I'd already cleaned my stamps and I didn't really feel like getting it back out and stamping more so I only had three extra. Now what do I do with these three odd ball images?

Lo and behold in my stash of previously embossed cardstock I found 3 Happy Birthday backgrounds using the Cuttlebug Happy Birthday embossing folder. Now why hadn't I used these before? I surely don't know but I AM going to use them now. And I only had a 7 inch piece of this adorable blue gingham/checked ribbon. Not enough to do much with but just perfect for a blue card! YIPPEE! Another card finished. Now we are at 17 cards.

I like green! Always have. I want another green card and this tiny satin ribbon never gets used much and I have a lot of it sooooo...another card is made. 18 cards.

RED! I love red! Bold! Bright! Beautiful red. And this red twill happy birthday to you ribbon has been in my stash for YEARS and I love it and never use it. So I MUST make a red card too.

And there you have it! What started out as Julee's Mojo Monday challenge 121 became an adventure in over-abundance or excess or it whatever you like.

And chances are if you receive a birthday card from me this year then you are looking at it right now!

Cheers to you and I hope you have a day filled with delightful abundance!



  1. Absolutely love your charming, but simple, cards. You've given me encouragement!

  2. Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess...they're delightful Ms Jennifer!

  3. These are just wonderful. So many cards, I have lucky to have made only one, you have inspired me to make more :)

  4. I love these.
    I may have to scraplift them.

    I did that with my Christmas cards this year. I made I think about 10 different designs in 3 colours each.

  5. Wow these are beautiful cards, nice in every colour!
    x Julie x

  6. OMGosh Jennifer, you have been busy..These are all so lovely!! Love seeing them in all the different colors..Very beautiful work..
    Hugs, Linda

  7. Very nice! I may case your idea! I'm going to a friend's house early next week to make cards. This would be a good project to take on the road!

  8. Do you know of an on-line shop that sells Sweet Delights - Cupcake Stand" by Inkspirations?
    Elaine Moore

  9. Fantastic effort Jennifer. That's what I'll have to do, bulk lot, production line style.

  10. Brilliant, absolutely lovely. I do love simple, especially when it's clever too. I have a cupcake stamp (not like yours) and some large flowers and I've never known what to do with either. You've just given me a great idea!


  11. Your muse was with you on this ride HP! WTG! Amazing! Impressive! Inspiring! And that is just describing you... now let's talk about all those gorgeous cards! :)

  12. great cards...when I first started stamping, I always made sets of cards...but since blogging I haven't done that much. I am now back to at least trying to make similar duplicates so I can actually send out my cards...that's the point right LOL! Great the frosting!

  13. Your work is amazing, love them! The different colors give them just enough of a different look, tfs.

  14. These are so cute! I love all of the colors and the design is just perfect. Great job, Miss Jennifer!
    PS-My birthday is in February and my favorite color is red, just saying *wink*

  15. Where can I get the Sweet delights rubber stamp?

  16. OMG! Each one is gorgeous. What a good idea to make a card in several colors. You are so smart! I'm adding your blog listing to my 'inspirational blogs' on my site!

    Debra in Conroe

  17. OMGOSH your cards are just addorable, I just recently started doing some cards myself and love doing them. You do great cards thanks for sharing them
    in fact I love them so much I just added you to my blog as a favorite

  18. These are so cute and just make you want to make cupcakes. I think it is my all time favorite birthday card.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Decent stuff i like all of you card combination its looks nice and tidy stuff thanks

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