Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail Apron

The big and very exciting reveal took place yesterday when the apron from my secret partner in the Martini Madness apron swap arrived! Grace B ( aka: Katmom) from Spokane, Washington, thank you so much!! I've never had a Lemon Drop Martini before but I'm sure it is going to quickly become my favorite cocktail. ESPECIALLY since I can wear this OH SO ADORABLE lemon/lime apron.I just have to tell you, this apron is beautifully made and all of the details are sheer perfection! Can you tell how much I love this apron?

Oh wait, Grace not only created the apron but also filled the box to capacity with all types of wonderful treats. Just look!

Now in case you can't make out all of the wonderful extras she included let me list a few: laminated recipes for a variety of martini's (oh how smart you are to laminate them for me! *wink* Also there is the martini glass and shaker, a sachet filled with oh so wonderful scented lavender, a crocheted pot holder (too cute!) a hand beaded bracelet that I'll look so chic wearing along with my apron (they match!) and beaded glass ring/indentifier, and also a rubber stamp! lurked my blog and discovered I'm a stamper! Oh how clever!

One more picture of the apron. I am wearing it as I post today. Grace (Katmom) thank you so very much. This has been so much fun and I adore my new lemon drop cocktail apron.




  1. Oh Jennifer what great fun to swap aprons. I love the apron you made as much as the one you received. Beautiful on both counts. I'd never seen the lockhart apron stamps, I'll have to keep an eye out for those. Beautiful work.

  2. Pretty apron. Fun springy colors and the name _ Lemon Drop Martini - is fabulous! Bet you look mahvelous wearing it HP! :)

  3. Such a bright and sunny apron! Love the idea! I've never had a lemon drop martini either, but it sounds delightful! Enjoy! :)

  4. What a lovely apron! I like the apron so much that it makes me think of spring and summer!

  5. Wow what a special treat you recieved! LOVE the springtime feeling of the apron...and such fun surprise too! Enjoy!


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