Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let's put on a puppet show!

I've been having just the most fun making these hand puppets and I just had to share them today. Unfortunately a photographer I'm not, so the details aren't showing up very well in my pictures. Nevertheless, I thought some of you who have children and/or grandchildren might get a kick out of these.

These are my first three I've made. Meet my Dog puppet (who looks very much like my Landseers, Gabe and Paige), my funny Monkey and finally, the Blue Bear.
The blue bear doesn't have a tail but I wanted to show you the dog and monkey tails. The monkey has pipe cleaners inside the tail so you can bend it in any direction and shape you'd like.

My little dog puppet DOES have a nose but it is a black pompom and blends into the black muzzle in the photo.

I just have to giggle when I see this funny monkey. His misshaped head just adds to his whimsy, I think.

I do believe that the blue bear is actually a polar bear. Afterall, he's made from POLAR fleece and perhaps it just got too cold outside that he turned BLUE.

These are really quick to make and I used reminents of polar fleece for the bodies and the hands and muzzles (faces) are made from scraps of ultra suede. So these fun puppets are completely washable.

I'm hoping a special little girl will enjoy these for many years to come as she celebrates her first birthday today. Perhaps her Grandpa will build her a puppet stage to put on shows!

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  1. So cute . . . beats an old sock hands down - LOL

  2. Wow.....your talents are endless! Very cute!

  3. Aaaawww Jennifer, these are soooo cute.

  4. Oh my those are sooo sweet! You did a great job!

  5. let the show begin, those are fantastic. Sandi

  6. Oh My Goodness these are the cutest puppets. You just blow me away with all your talents. You really do need to start making sets and selling them.

  7. These puppets are seriously cute! I'm guessing you have an orange kitty in the works? You are so talented. Love to see your work!

  8. So wonderful! Tell grandpa that he needs to start swinging the hammer, these guys need a stage!

  9. Adorable. Sweet. Fun. Love the details. You always add loving details. Is there anything you cannot do HP? :) These lil darlins will get lots of love.

  10. My friend, it is so great to see dabbling in other hobbies!!! These are so great, I wish I was a natural at sewing like you are.

  11. Wow, how wonderful! Perfect bold simple colors for the little one! And that stinkin cute tail is fantastic. What a very special gift!


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