Monday, August 30, 2010

Beans, beans and more beans!

"Beans! Beans! Enough to fill your jeans!" ARGH! If my husband sings that song, ONE MORE TIME!!! YIKES! But it is true, despite the beginning saga of the groundhog Houdini invading my garden, once he decided to move on to other gardens, my garden took off and even though he'd destroyed a large portion of my beans and peas, I ended up having plenty!
I always freeze fresh peas and beans and have several gallons frozen in the deep freezer of both peas and beans in the basement. However, I like to can a few jars of the beans too to have on hand to add to stews and such.
But one of my favorite added treats to put up for the winter is called DILLY BEANS. I discovered this recipe a couple of years ago on Debbie Olson's blog THINKING INKING.

Now my photo does not look nearly as inviting or as wonderful as these dilled bean pickles actually taste so I encourage you to click on Debbie's name and it will link you to her beautifully photographed post about Dilly beans as well as link you to the recipe. Let me just say that if you are a fan of dill pickles you will be amazed and VERY pleasantly surprised how good Dilled Pickled Beans are! They are crisp and snap like a dill pickles and have the pickling agents in the brin (to include garlic which I love) and...well...if you are wondering what else to do with your garden beans, give these a try. The beauty of this recipe is that you make them by jar. So if you are a bit timid, try putting up just a jar or two. Next year, I will guarantee you'll put up more! They are wonderful served on a relish or vegetable tray at parties and at Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Years or any party or celebration.

So there are my bean freezing, canning and pickling adventures this month.

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