Friday, December 17, 2010

Stocking stuffer idea: Teabag Pouch

I wanted to make and give some small gifties from the heart, but with the time drawing near for Christmas giving, what could I make quickly and easily and yet would be from the heart and useful? Suddenly it hit me! A teabag pouch that one can throw in the purse, bag, glovebox or tote. A hot cup of tea always at hand for the recipient.

There are many tutorials for teabag pouches (carriers) on the internet and I liked them but decided to tweek some of the ideas and came up with my own version. The simplicity and ease to make these became a bit addictive as I put them together. All you need to make my version is:

1 FAT QUARTER of your favorite fabric
1 button
Trim (I used rickrack but this is totally optional)
sewing machine

And once folded and buttoned up, the pouch fits in the palm of your hand containing your favorite tea and room for sweetener if you like, too. Below is a photo of it opened out displaying your tea.

Select your tea of choice and then fold the right side to the middle.

Next, fold over the left side like this: (below)

Then flip up the bottom and button it shut! (below) VIOLA! Your tea literally at hand as it fits in the palm of your hand.

If you are interested in a pictorial tutorial showing the sewing process, let me know in the comments and the next one I make I'll put together a tutorial.

Now, I'd better wrap these up quickly for some gift giving this weekend.




  1. As this particular English lady LOVES tea ( it is my favourite drink at all times of the day) Jennifers Teabag Pouch is a wonderful idea.
    I keep saying I wish I could sew but machines frighten me to death...dont mind hand sewing, quite like the relaxation that gives me.
    I could never come up with all these wonderful bright inspirational ideas.
    Have a lovely Christmas my friend.

  2. Oh Jennifer, you come up with the neatest sewing ideas. I love this teabag pouch, and the fabric you used is adorable.

    Hope you and Paul have a wonderful holiday season.

  3. What an excellent gift idea. And very nicely done. The fabric is beautiful.

  4. Wonderful idea. I have some tea loving friends whom this would be a wonderful gift for.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wonderful tea bag holder. You are very creative. Thanks for sharing. I have tea loving friends whom would love this.

  6. Would love to have the tutorial or at least the dimensions of the fabric and I think I can make it from those with your lovely photos of the yellow one.

    Thank you!

  7. What a great idea... When I saw this, I was thinking it would be great to make a similar wall hanging style to organize my tea bags at home - right now they are all shoved in an ugly box that one of them came it...

  8. I would LOVE a tutorial for this!! Sure beats carrying your teabags around in a zip lock bag. These are just lovely and would make fantastic little gifts. Thanks for all your inspiration

  9. I would love the directions for the tea wallet as I have a friend that takes her own teas with her and this would be a great gift.


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