Monday, July 16, 2012

What's under the cake dome #6

I'm a day late in posting.  We had a busy weekend!  How about you?  But you know what today's post is, right?  Of course!  It is "What's under the cake dome #6"!  This weekend I made the Mister a fresh Peach and Blueberry Pie!  Peaches and blueberries are in all of the fruit markets and I have to tell you, these peaches are WONDERFUL eaten out of hand.  But, the Mister needs his cake dome filled each weekend so I decided to make him a peach pie with some blueberries thrown in too.  It is a wonderful combination.

I decided to make a lattice top on this pie and brushed the lattice with milk and then sprinkled it with cinnamon-sugar right before baking.  The crust came out a lovely golden brown and I'm a huge fan of cinnamon-sugar and it really gives a nice light crunch to the top crust.

Fresh from the oven!  MMMmmm...can you smell it?  I sure can!  :-)

So lest you thought I had forgotten the Mister's dessert, I wanted you to know that this week it was Peach and Blueberry pie.  Simple to put together and a tasty summer fruit pie.  So good, in fact, that I had a slice for lunch.  Hey!  Fresh berries with a minimal amount of crust.  That has to be a nutritious lunch!

Besides doing a little baking I've spent most of the weekend in the garden or in the kitchen with putting up produce.  The Mister likes pickled beets and requested I make him a few jars.  He that asketh, receiveth!  I decided to use some of the smaller beets which are just as tasty and tender as the larger ones for the pickled beets.  I think these make a nice and colorful addition to a relish tray.   Especially nice since they are small in size.

Indulge me please...I just get a kick out of seeing my jars lined up.  I'm kind of funny that way.  It is a sort of confirmation to me that I planted seeds, they grew, I harvested and now we will have them this winter. 

I printed up some labels on the computer and slapped them on the lids.  Now to put them in the canned goods larder.  One jar didn't seal right away but I was fine with that because the Mister wanted to have some now, so we kept one jar in the frig and he's enjoying them.  In fact, I am enjoying them too and I didn't even know I liked pickled beets!  tee hee!

My countertop is covered in cucumbers at this very moment so I must finish up this post and get back to canning.  There are only so  many cucumbers two people can eat daily, but they are growing fast and furiously so I need to put up the mountains that are covering the counter.  Today I'll make sandwich dill pickle slices.   OOOooohhhh sooooo goooooooood on a hamburger!  Tomorrow I'll put up some bread and butter pickles.

Until next time,



  1. Oh gosh Jennifer this looks mouth watering oh so scrummy:)x

  2. Jennifer; Are You kidding me?? Your lucky I haven't shown-up on your doorstep begging for these goodies!
    They all look so delicious. YUM.
    Pickled beets are my all-time fave, right beside the every crunchy Kosher Dill and that pie, that pie...well, now I`m drooling so I best go make dinner. Thanks alot.
    LOL. :)) (my double chin)


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