Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cape Cod

The Mister and I took a much needed get-away trip to Cape Cod, Massachusettes and had an absolutely wonderful time! It was our first time on the Cape and so we feel it is ok and perfectly acceptable that we we behaved as the steriotypical tourists! I had my cameras at hand at all times snapping shots of scenery, wildlife, the ocean, buildings, people, sights......you get the idea. We bought t-shirts and postcards. We ate clam chowder and lobster and all varieties of seafood every single day. Oh what a wonderful trip. HUGE, HUGE thank yous go to my sister and brother-in-law for inviting us to come to Cape Cod and stay with them.

And what do you do when you go on holiday and return? You bore your friends and family with photos. So without further ado I want to share with you just a few of the 250 photos I took of beautiful Cape Cod.

Do you remember NECCO candies?  This is supposedly the candy/confectioner Oliver Chase's barn.  Chase was the inventor of NECCO candy.  I just love the looks of this building.
We took a seal watch cruise.  I was fascinated with the seals.
What a poser, eh?
There are thousands upon thousands of seals at the Cape so it was never hard to get a snap of one...or one hundred.

This bird, another poser for the amature photographer, is called a Cormorant (I think).

I just liked the name of this boat.  Don't you think I should somehow incorporate "Great Pumpkin" into a Halloween card?
A "modest" waterfront cottage.  WOW!
We toured Truro Vineyards.  FUN!
These grapes will one day be used in a Chardonnay.
A rare sighting of The Mister...posing with barrels of wine that are aging.  And yes, we did do a bit of wine tasting while at the Truro Vineyards.  Excellent!!
We visited Provincetown.  What a fascinating town!  I thought this building on the wharf was fabulous.

A blue Heron trying to hide from our view.
Each evening, as the sun set, we walked the beach.  The sandpipers played "tag" with the water lapping at the shoreline.
Always on the lookout for shells and wampum.
Watching the sunset...as well as the seals feeding close to the shore.
Another day ends with the setting of the sun.

I highly recommend a visit to Cape Cod if you've never been there.  I hope we can return someday.




  1. What a beautiful trip, thanks for sharing the photos. I've never been to this area, but would love to see it someday.

  2. oh beautiful pics, love the seals and the ocean shots, hugs

  3. Vacation fun captured perfectly! You've got such a great eye for pix! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful pictures Jennifer, looks like you had a fabulous time.

  5. So beautiful are your pictures Jennifer and thank you for sharing them it looks an amazing place xx

  6. Oh, my Mr Wonderful likes Necco Wafers! Love that building, too. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  7. Jennifer, what wonderful travelogue and pics! I love how you share tidbits of detail. I am so glad I knew to look for the Blue Heron and the fun of you of you and Mister sharing a few samples at the winery. Good for you celebrating a special get away!

  8. Enjoyed your pictures, it looks like alot of fun, maybe someday :)


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