Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring colors

Just three weeks ago we had another blast of snow, piling up 6 to 8 more inches on the ground.  I whined and complained that I'd never see spring.  BUT...look what is finally blooming in my front yard!  Beautiful samples of nature's spring colors.

The Mister and I didn't have too much hope left for the tulips to bloom.  But once the last snow was gone they've come up out of the ground almost before our eyes.

Yesterday I went to the garden center to get some seeds and gardening supplies.  I couldn't resist picking out these gorgeous geraniums for the pots on my front porch.

Aren't they spectacular?  These colors just make me happy!

Sadly, only 3 (yes, ONLY THREE) of my daffodil bloomed. And they only lasted a couple of days. I snapped this shot yesterday before this sweet daffodil started to wane even more. Nevertheless, its sunny yellow color still makes me smile.
My hyacinth did bloom but are very pale and washed out looking.  I love hyacinth.  One of the most fragrant of flowers.  I also had very few crocus...not even long enough for a photo.  So that is proof that it was a hard winter on our spring flowers.

I must get back to my gardening now. I'm planting a rather large vegetable garden this year and I'm planting seed, composting, digging, watering, clearing out new areas and generally just playing outside in the dirt and sunshine these days. I'm sure The Mister would agree that I'm much more cheerful once the long and cold winter has passed and I can play outside in my garden.

Until next time,



  1. Beautiful and so colourful are these flowers thank you Jennifer for showing them they have made my day xx

  2. Beautiful flowers, I too get all happy when the warmth returns, and love being out in the garden... the days seem to just fly by too!


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