Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New Ducklings at Gypsy's Pasture

Like everyone else, here at Gypsy's Pasture we are eagerly awaiting Spring after a very cold, long, snowy and blustery winter.  To me, spring means new life new seedlings sprouting, new baby animals born, new goals and ... well... a whole new attitude. 
Last week the first of my new baby ducklings arrived.  The first two little cuties I'm getting this year are Silver Appleyard ducklings.  Soooooo CUTE!

They arrived from a hatchery located in California so these wee babies were born on Monday and arrived via USPS on Wednesday.  I had my brooder all set up and ready when I got the call from the post office that my little ones had arrived.

I have a heat lamp over them so that is why the photos glow with a reddish color.  Both ducklings, who I am naming Daisy Mae and Dolly Parton, drank and ate immediately.  They are active and hungry and settled in the spare bathtub just beautifully.

Bert and Ernie, my indoor cats, are very curious about the new residents in the bathroom.  Here is Bert studying them carefully.  Not to worry, though.  Bert and Ernie are highly supervised IF they are even allowed to see the ducklings, so Daisy and Dolly are safe.
There will be more ducklings arriving over the next several weeks as well as baby chicken/chicks. 
Yep!  New life is the signal that Spring has arrived.
Until next time,
Quack!  Quack!

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