Friday, July 20, 2007

Rainy days and puppy training.

Hi! I'm Jennifer. Welcome to Thimbles, bobbins, paper and ink. Reading and viewing other people's blogs is so much fun and consequently I've been inspired to start my own to share my love of animals, rubberstamping and card making and also sewing. I hope you'll visit often and share your thoughts.

It is pouring down rain today and at my house that literally is "raining cats and dogs." I have three cats and two dogs. We just purchased our 2nd Newfoundland dog last week. GABRIEL, as we call him, is a Landseer Newfoundland and wears a white coat with black patches. Gabe is 9 weeks old. Our "older" Newfoundland dog is a black female who we call 'Bella (short for the Lady Isabella.)

OK...back to the rain. It is pouring down rain and we are deep in the midst of potty training for dear little Gabriel. He's doing great with the help of 'Bella showing him what is expected. I think today I'm going to be in a constant state of dampness, wet tennis shoes and draining umbrella as we make our hourly trips out in the storm. Ahhhhh....puppy love! :o)


  1. Your blog is coming along nice! Good luck with the potty training....I think I can smell that sweet puppy smell from here..te he he!

    Congrats on your new blog!


  2. Thanks so much! You've helped me get started AND you are my very first comment! YIPPEE!

  3. Hi jennifer!

    Good luck on your blog! I will keep checking back.

    inky hugs

    Lesa :)

  4. So far so good on the blog. Just keep working at it. I love your doggy pictures.

  5. Hey Jennifer! So glad you're blogging now. It's looking good so far. The dogs are so pretty. Sorry about the rain in your area. Want me to send you some Florida sunshine?

    Mary (toao)

  6. That dog is a pile of puppy cutness! :)

  7. this is pretty cool Jennifer!
    Congratulations on the blog!

  8. I think your blog looks great! Congrats on joining the rest of us bloggers! I'm gonna add you to my links, and you may add me to yours if you like.

  9. Found you via Debbie's blog....can't wait to keep track of your projects!

  10. Yay, Jennifer! I just now see your blog. I got home earlier this evening and it's great to see you have started your blog. Lookin' good, my friend.

  11. Jennifer, I had no idea you started a blog. I love it! And I love the photos of the pups :). Sherri

  12. So the dogs get their own blog entry and not a word about any chillin's. I see how it really is.

    You shouldn't have given me your blogsite. I'm going to be the only one to say more than "oooh pretty." :)

    Hmmm...I'm going to get blacklisted now aren't I?

    one of three apparently forgotten children. but the cutest. and nicest smelling.

  13. Dear gentle anonymous commenter:

    Your momma loves you dearly. One of your brothers requested no photos of my children be posted so while I honored his request I think I may have neglected to ask you and your other sibling of your preference. Be it known I welcome all comments (bring 'em on...I can take them!) and I do not favor the pups over you. Hee hee...they are cute though, don'cha think? Come on...ya gotta admit they're cute!

    Love and hugs,
    yo momma!


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