Friday, July 27, 2007

To my "Mystery" blog comment sender....

What's a momma to do? I have three adult children (two sons: Jonathan age 28 and Matthew age 26) and one daughter (Stephanie age 24), each of whom has my blog address to view and comment. One of my offspring was adament that while he thinks the blog is cool and he'll read it, that no photos of my younguns be posted on the internet. Now I see that one of his siblings has posted a comment feeling that his(?) / her (?) ever lovin' momma has favored posting photos of the pups over them?

Be it known here and now to everyone reading, my children are the most important people to me! And yes! (hee hee hee) you are much cuter and smell MUCH better than the puppies! (your comment made me laugh because there were times in your youth that I couldn't quite agree with that statement all the time!)

Anyone interested in reading what my "mystery blogger" comment entry was please read the comments on my very first blog entry at the very bottom of the page. He/She let it be known that I'm in for some great comments. Bring 'em on, honey.

This photo should be considered safe by all of my young 'uns. This was taken on Easter Sunday in 1984. Awwwww...didn't I have just the cutest little ones and they smelled MUCH better than my animals do too?! :)

Have a beautiful Friday everyone!


  1. that is such a sweet photo... :)
    hee hee too funny that one of yours is NOT gonna "rubber stamp" their comments to OOOh & AAAh! ;)

  2. What a great photo, sounds like you have 3 wonderful, fun loving kids.

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  4. Ooops! Typo in my first try!

    This post just CRACKS ME UP!!

    Aawww, your kiddies are jealous of the dogs, poor wee things. I'm pleased you're reducing their sense of rejection by posting this lovely how about pics of them NOW?? perhaps at the recent WEDDING-of-the-century!?


  5. Oh, Jennifer, the lamentations of being a momma! You can please some of the kids, some of the time, but you can't please all of the kids, all of the time, therefore, please yourself! I know it's a paraphrase, but I don't know the true author, so can't give credit. Your kids are beautiful, then and now.

  6. Awwww.........what a sweet picture! Your kids are hilarious. Talk about major guilt-trip!!! heheheheheh They've hijacked your blog! I'm so glad you've shared this photo. They all look like you, Jennifer!

  7. what a sweet bunch! I didn't know you had two boys and a girl too!
    Beautiful family!

  8. Sweet photo. Funny story. TFS!


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