Friday, January 25, 2008

Instant SPRING!

I'm looking out my window and see mountains of fresh snow on the ground. I know it is January and this is supposed to be what our weather is like, but I'm ready for spring. How about I create some "instant Spring" for myself?

These cards are very fast, simple stamping. Hey! That is what I'm going for...instant spring so they must be fast. The tulip stamp is from a Stampin' Up! retired set called Terrific Tulips. I like this set a lot. It is very versatile and with the two step stamping, color upon color, it makes for fun color combinations.

I decided that nothing makes you think warm sunshine than to see butterflies fluttering around the tulips so I used one of my new Tonic punches and added a border of butterflies.

Ahhhh...I feel a bit warmer now. But, it is time to go out and shovel the driveway, AGAIN! So much for "instant spring." :-)

What is the weather like where you are?


  1. Ah-h I can feel the sun shinning the whole way up here! I won't begin to tell you that we are expecting 30 below zero tonight. So tulips make a perfect spring time moment for me too. Perhaps I need to go breakout some spring flowers too! Thanks for the moment of sunshine in your neighborhood!

  2. Well, my opinion is that they are just beautiful and sunny cards! What a beautiful stamp! The weather in the South of France is clear blue sky, sun, but cold..
    Thank you Jennifer for your very kind award too!

  3. These ARE instant spring. Very nice cards. I like the new look to your blog, too.

  4. Fresh & sunny! Thanx for the touch of Spring and good luck shoveling that darn white stuff!

  5. I love your instant spring. Tired of shoveling and blowing snow here, too. I never bought this set, but I've borrowed it. So fun to play with.


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