Monday, June 16, 2008

Dick, Jane and Sally

Do you remember reading Dick, Jane and Sally primers in the first grade of elementary school? I sure do! I was not a very good reader as a child. I liked to read, but it was a slow and painful process. The little Dick, Jane and Sally books gave me my first start to the love of literature despite my difficulties.

I was looking at fabric online and was so excited when I found this print. I also bought some Dick Jane and Sally panels that I'd like to use for a tote. And another piece of fabric from the same line is the Dick, Jane and Sally text in the very same font as the reader books were. I'm looking forward to using those too.

But on to this apron. I made this in about 2 hours this afternoon. It wouldn't have taken that long had I not gone overboard on rick-rack, buttons and trim. I wanted to make this smock apron for grooming the dogs. My dogs are "blowing coat" right now and I'm covered in dog hair. I also wanted something to have the combs, brushes, clippers, rake close at hand and these pockets are great.

So while this is an extremely simple (shall I call it "elementary") apron, it is most definitely functional and fun.


  1. What a great apron, I remember Dick and Jane. I loved them.

  2. Oh, I remember Dick & Jane very well! What a great apron, it makes me smile!

  3. I think even my generation read about Dick and Jane... er, that is not to age you Jennifer ;) But we did. I wonder if the kids still do nowadays?

    The apron is simply darling.

  4. you did a great job---i love the material!!!

  5. Oh my goodness! I love that apron. I remember my first reader being Dick and Jane. Boy, did that bring back some memories. Thank you!

  6. OMGosh, I remember these books too! What a great apron.

  7. I have some of those books! I was a kindergarten teacher most of my career but spent 10 years in First Grade, as a teacher..hee hee. I collected several Dick and Jane books, teacher editions, and teaching materials and had them on display for Open House a couple of years. Everyone enjoys Dick and Jane images. I'm glad that you found something so fun. Enjoy!

  8. Best Dressed Dog Groomer, yes, you are! What a darling, functional wardrobe necessity. I will admit that I am old enough to have experienced Dick & Jane, too. Loved to read (and color) then and still do.

  9. I love what you did here. It is so cute! And if it keeps all that doggy hair off of you, then its even better. :) Love it!! Sherri

  10. This is beautiful Jennifer! Where did you get this pattern. I mean the apron pattern. I love the fabric, trim, all of it.


  11. OmiGOSH, love-love-LOVE the fabric, the design (all those pockets, YUM!). Oh yes, I DO remember Dick and Jane. You ALMOST make me want to sew again. ;) And it took you TWO HOURS!? Yep, this would take ME three days. Well done!

  12. I love your Dick & Jane apron!!!

    I run a Christian home daycare, and we love Dick & Jane stories here. I have even framed a few pages and put them on the wall.

    I wear aprons or smocks most days - both for protection and for the fun of it.

    Thanks to you, I have now found several Dick & Jane fabrics online and will be ordering some.

    Thanks so much!


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