Friday, September 4, 2009

Computer troubles

I'm using my husband's work laptop (shhhhh...don't tell, ok?) My computer crashed and it is at the repair shop. Consequently, no posts or cards or photos from me. I'm hoping to get the computer back soon with only minor repairs - keep your fingers crossed for me that that will happen! YIKES!

I've really been enjoying my garden this summer and must confess that I've been a stamping slug this past month or so. My garden has been bountiful with veggies and this past month I've been canning and stocking my pantry for the winter. In fact, today I'll be back at it in the kitchen canning the last jars of salsa and tomatoes and perhaps bake a peach pie for my husband.

Just wanted to check in. I've missed my blogging friends and I've also missed making cards. So let's hope I'll have a computer, printer and be able to upload photos soon.


Jennifer :)


  1. I just figured it was a bountiful harvest and you had to get it ready for winter. Sorry it's more than that, but happy that you're well and smart enough to hijack Hubby's laptop.

  2. Sorry about your computer and I won't tell. hee hee Canning season is almost coming to and end for us also. I made nectarine cobbler the other day, yummmm... enjoy your canning!

  3. Oh computer glitches are the pits, hope you are fixed in no time, enjoy that wonderful harvest while you can though. Sandi

  4. Oh, Jennifer, I feel so badly about the computer problems. Take care, my Friend!

    Love, Glee

  5. So sorry to hear about your pc problems Jennifer! It may be a blessing in disguise so you have plenty of time to harvest and can all the produce! Be sure to take pix to share with us when you're back to blogging! Smiles 2 U!

  6. I think your computer went to the repair shop so it gave you more reason to harvest your garden. LOL! I hope that it gets fixed very soon, and you'll be able to share more of your beautiful work!

  7. So happy that your garden is bountiful. Stamping can wait until weather turns cold. We've just canned salsa this year, but it's so yummy.

  8. what a bummer about your computer! we love them, but when they break down,. we curse the day we got them, lol. have fun canning your garden goodies, they are such a treat through the long winter. Hope your back up & running soon

  9. Sorry about your computer! That's a big bummer. Just dropping by to say hello!



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