Monday, March 21, 2011

Peter Cottontail and a basket of colorful eggs

This past weekend I decided it was long past time to clean my sewing room. As the case usually is, once I started looking at fabric and notions that needed to be tidied up, I stopped the cleaning process and began sewing. I had seen these darling plush bunnies online at Betz White's blog HERE . Betz made her bunnies out of repurposed cashmere garments for the ultimate in plush bunnies. I happened to have in my fabric stash three different colors of polarfleece and decided the bunnies would be soft and cuddle-y out of fleece. Another of my cleaning projects was supposed to have been to organize by color and stack my fat quarters of quilting fabrics. But once I knew I HAD TO make these plush bunnies I started going through fat quarters for the perfect inside ear treatments. Once you make one bunny, they begin to multiply. I began my first bunny (the pink one) at noon. By suppertime they had multiplied to three bunnies.

One of Betz suggestions is to felt a heart on the hip of each bunny using roving and felting needles. I just so happened to have a little bit of roving left from a wool bag I made and felted and so I felted a heart on each rabbit. I think next time I'll probably applique a heart but the felted heart is really an lovely touch.

And where you find the Easter bunny, you'll surely find colorful eggs. Just look at the basketful of eggs. Aren't these fun and colorful? The fabric eggs pattern is from Retro Mama's blog and you can find it ---> HERE. My stash of fat quarters came in handy again and I quickly began laying a dozen eggs! Ok... I sewed them up.

NOTE: The mister said I should call these not Fabergé eggs, but rather, FABRIC-J eggs. Ha ha ... get it? Fabric and J for Jennifer? He's such a card!
I feel like a child again. I made these for a special little someone's Easter surprise, but I've been having such fun playing with them (and removing them from three big bear dog's mouths) that I think I'll keep these for myself and I'll be making some more to give.

If you want to make a calorie free Easter basket treat, hop on over to Betz White's Blog ----> HERE for the bunny tutorial and to Retro Mama's Blog ----> HERE for the egg tutorial.



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