Monday, April 25, 2011

Le Poulet Six Pocket Tote Bag

About a year or so ago I saw these wonderful fabrics and knew I had to have them. The fabric is aptly called "Le Poulet" and is by Whistler Studios for Windham fabrics. These yardages also come a deep rusty red shade, too.
I really wasn't sure what I'd be making but I just had to have it! I think in the future I'll be making some kitchen curtains and aprons. I have a small church bench that could use a cushion, pillow or throw over it. Perhaps a small quilt will be made as well.

A few weeks ago I came across a 6 pocket totebag. I loved how simple it was to make and the outside cover with the straps divided the outside of the bag with six pockets. Perfect for tossing your cell phone, ipod or notepad into while the inside was not too large but certainly large enough for wallet, keys, tissues and any number of items we must have at hand.

As I usually do with totebags that I make, I included a key clip as well as inside pockets. I just do not like standing at the car digging to the bottom in search of my keys or shopping list when it is so easy to have them right at hand with the inclusion of a couple quick pockets and addition of a key clip.

I found the instructions for this simple 6 pocket tote bag HERE. With a little conversion of the pieces you cut you can make it larger and I think that if I make another one I'll include a magnetic snap at the top.

I'm thinking that maybe something along these lines might make a good gathering tote in the garden out of another fabric or canvas or even for gathering eggs with a few tweeks to the pattern. The original bag is show in gorgeous Amy Butler fabrics but I wanted to keep mine a bit more simple with the "Le Poulet" country theme.

The sun is out today! YIPPEE!! I'm going to spend time today outside in the garden preparing it for planting. It will still be a month until we are past frost and freezing but once the warmth hits we have to take full advantage of each spring day.




  1. Wow Jennifer, that's a gorgeous one! Looks very handy too with the key clip and all those pockets. Beautiful fabric. I can imagine you really wanted to have that :

  2. I am so not worthy! What did I find in my mailbox tonight but that GORGEOUS delft tile card you made earlier in the month!!!! Oh, Jennifer! It is even more beautiful in my hand in my studio than on your blog - tee hee. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Let me know when I can start counting the days til moving day :)
    And this is darling! My Mom is a chicken person, but I'm the bag lady - - I can hardly pass up a cool tote and this is super cool. I think it needs the magnetic snap or some velcro or something. I'd be dumping all my stuff inside and for sure dumping it all out when I least expected without a closure, although the key clip is a wonderful start to organization.
    Thanks again for sending such wonderful mail my way. You're awesome!

  3. This is gorgeous and the directions are printing off as I write this! LOVE your choice of fabrics. Where you get the key clips?

  4. Absolutely wonderful!
    You're truly gifted, Jennifer!!

  5. Oh WOW.I LOVE your blog.You are so talented,such interesting and Beautiful creations to see.I LOVE this material and what you have made with it.I am an intermediate quilter,fast becoming addicted to it.Hope i will be as talented as you one day.xx


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