Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I built a small village

My friend Kirsty at Four Happy Violets invited me to join her little house ornament swap. Each participant will create a little house ornament to send to their swap partner using the wonderful tutorial and pattern created by Kim at Retro Mama blog. 
I had such a good time making my little ornament house for my swap partner that I ended up making three...and there is a good chance I'll make more.

Each house is a bit different, using little bits and bobs of left over trim, fabric scraps and felt.
After completing these three I thought of more ways to change up this little ornaments to make them a bit more unique, yet staying with the basic pattern.
The background stitching in black just outside of the door and windows which gives them depth and a sense of perspective. 
And the little house numbers...are they sweet?  Did you figure out immediately what I used?  Yep!  You guessed it.  The numbers are from the salvage edge of fabric giving the color dye match.  It's generally a piece of fabric you'd toss out but what cute house numbers they make.

These little ornaments will look sweet hanging from the Christmas tree, a door knob or even as a shelf or bowl display.

I think I'll make up some more houses just for fun.

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