Thursday, March 28, 2013

'The girls' in winter

Even though the calendar on the wall states that it is spring, when I look out the window here in Eastern Ontario I see the remains and reminders of winter. I'm not a huge fan of a lot of snow.  My girls, however, don't mind it at all.

Of my three Newfoundland dogs, Miss Paige loves snow the most.  She loves to catch snowflakes on her tongue and lay out in the biggest snow drift she can find.  Last week we had another substantial snowfall and while Paige's brothers (Gabe and Noah) prefered to watch from the window, Paige was eager to be outside and enjoy what I hope will be our last big snowfall.

Yesterday Dr. Carole came out to the barn for the spring herd health checkup.  My Canadian mare, Gypsy, spotted me getting out of my vehicle as soon as I pulled in the laneway and plodded through the snow to greet me as I arrived.

Like Paige, Miss Gypsy is an outdoors-y, winter lovin' gal.  One of her favorite activities is rolling in the snow.  Weeeeeeeeeee!

Gypsy came to me as soon as she saw me.  I'm not sure if it is because she loves me or because she's fairly certain I'll have a treat in my pocket.  Nevertheless, she comes to me. 
And I can't leave out my sweet, SWEET Newfoundland Pony, Flower.  Flower is a fuzzy gal this winter though she's begun her spring shedding and soon she'll be sleek and smooth.  Flower is another outdoors-y kind of girl.  She's outside 24/7 preferring to be out in the elements rather than in the barn.

Flower and one of her buddies (Jet) were watching and waiting for their turn to be seen by Dr. Carole.

Sweet Miss Flower...a muddy mess.  I asked her, "Have you been rolling in the mud, Miss Flower?"  Her response was, "Why yes I have!  Why do you ask?"

I'm eager for the snow to melt and more springlike temperatures to be here.  In the meantime, all three of my girl critters are showing the first signs of spring of the animal world and that is SHEDDING and MUDDY. 
Let the spring cleaning begin!
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  1. Your photos made me smile. Your critters are absolutely lovely in every sense of the word.
    Animals bring out the best in us and can bring us out of the worst slumps can't they?
    Happy Easter to you all, and Thank-you so much for sharing these photos.
    Cheers from Oshawa Ontario.


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