Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to me with Pierre-Auguste RENOIR !

I have had a wonderful birthday today and I have to share a couple of photocopies of real art on my blog and not just my wanna-be artist ambitions of my own creations.

Today is my birthday (way too many years for what I feel like in my head so don't ask!) Anyway, Paul took today off work and we began my birthday celebration with lunch in downtown Ottawa, ON at a WONDERFUL restaurant called SANTE's. It is an Asian-fusion restaurant...a lot of Thai cuisine. It is W+O+N+D+E+R+F+U+L!! A real treat kind of place.

From there we walked over to the National Art Gallery of Canada where a special exhibit of Pierre-Auguste Renoir's work is on display. You have to understand that Renoir and Monet have long been two of my favorite Impressionist artist and to see Renoir's work was just amazing! I actually named two of my cats after the artists and is the reason why I have a cat named Renoir and my daughter's cat's name is Monet! I can't even begin to tell you how exciting it was to see this exhibit. Plus, the National Art Gallery of Canada is one of the most beautiful achitecturally perfect buildings to house great works of art that it made it even more of a treat.

So I am posting two little photos of Renoir. Actually, the exhibit we saw today was of his landscapes. Amazing! Paul and I talked the entire way home in excited chatter about all we learned and saw.

OH...I should have said that my day started off with a gift certificate from Paul to Heather's Stamping Haven in Ottawa. Little does Paul know, I went there yesterday and drowned my sorrows of being older in a big bill for new stamps. But now I can go back and spend HIS $$$. How cool is that? If you've ever been to Ottawa or plan to come, Heather's is a must see stamp store.

I received so MANY beautiful birthday cards. I just took a photo of them all and was going to post it as well. However..........someone's new puppy has chewed the cord that goes from the digital camera to the computer and they won't upload to my blog! Must be Paul's puppy 'cuz surely my pup wouldn't do such a naughty thing.

Thank you for the wonderful cards and treats! I've had one of the nicest birthday's I've had in a long time.


  1. Happy Birthday!! What a great time you had- thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jennifer. I have a birthday present for you. I nominated you for the "nice" award on my blog. So, you live in Ottawa. How lovely. I love Ottawa. Last fall we vacationed in Merrickville, and hope to go again this year where we stay at my DH cousin's cottage. When DH retires in two years, we hope we can retire up there in Merrickville. Beautiful up there. Happy birthday, and happy spending! Your card is in the mail.

  3. Happy Birthday! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Jennifer!
    may you have a wonderful day!

  5. So glad you were so happy, excited and content with your special day jennifer. It sounds like you did exactly what you enjoyed with someone you love. I am happy for you!

  6. Your birthday sounded like a fairytale come true! I'm so happy that you got to see Renoir's work. How breathtaking! What a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Happy Birthday, again, dear friend!

  7. Happy Birthday to you! You share your birthday with my daughter :)

    I'm a great fan of the French Impressionists too, what a wonderful exhibit to see and a great way to spend your birthday.

    LOL about the bonus stamp money :)

  8. Hello Jennifer,
    I have nominated you to be a Rocking Girl bloger. Just go on my blog to see the details!


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