Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Stacy's welcome card for Gabriel

Look at this perfectly wonderful CONGRATULATIONS card that Stacy made and sent to me upon Gabriel's arrival. Stacy is one of the talented artists that I continually draw inspiration from. You can check out Stacy's blog, called Stacy's Memory Triggers at: or by finding it on my list in the right hand column and clicking to take you directly to her.

Stacy, I love this card and it will go into Gabe's puppy album. Thank you SO MUCH!


  1. I agree, Stacy is a very talented card artist, and I read her blog very regularly. How nice to receive this adorable dog card from her.

  2. Jennifer I just love this card - so beautiful but then each of your creations is.
    I had no clue you were also an Army mom - god bless you. How can you survive the second round? I will be praying for your son's safety also! thanks for being the sweetheart you are!

  3. What a wonderful card to receive! She is very talented. I bet if Gabe could see this he would say "woof wooooooof wooof" AKA "I love the card" lol.

  4. Wow what a great card for Gabriel!
    Stacy does terrific wonderful of her to share it!

  5. What a fab card. All the layering and textures are great!

  6. Beaultiful card. My Bentley says woof woof (cool card, too)!



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