Thursday, August 23, 2007

My very first Gothic Arch

Please be kind with your comments. This is the very first Gothic Arch I've ever made. Paul was kind of excited to know I was making something different from my usual cards and "style" (if I have a style) and told me he has always thought these were cool.

OK...I finish this and he looks at it for a long time and then says, (and I quote) "Uhhhh...nice." Translated that means, "I've seen better."

So I know that this isn't the best and I'd really appreciate helpful suggestions. I've wanted to do these for a long time but this is a whole new world of papercrafting for me.

The sentiment quote stamp is by Dawn Houser stamps
The lady reading is unidentified (but I really like this stamp).
Used double needle for border stitching.

Constructive criticism most welcome.


  1. Well Jennifer I think it is terrific. At least you had the courage to try it. I haven't gotten that far yet. I love the stamps you used. Great job. Glinda

  2. You certainly have style....
    Love the pink and the feminine side to your arch - I would love to see more!

  3. oh Jennifer your first arch is divine! I love the soft pink with the image - gorgeous stitching...and the feather is the sweetest touch! just BEAUTIFUL! :)

  4. I think it's simply lovely, love the delicateness of it! fab!


  5. I have constructive critique for you:


    Your first attempt is magnificent! I want to see MOOOOORRREEEEE!

  6. You brave arch-making stamper. I've been afraid of this design because everyone makes such amazing things with it. I love the softness in your design.

  7. I think this is great! I've never seen a Gothic Arch before (where have I been). Is it a rectangular card with the arch on the front, or, is it actually arch-shaped? Are there instructions? I love the look of it.

  8. Love your first try, and as usual, your stitching is simply SPLENDIFEROUS!

  9. Very pretty. Love the stitching, feather, soft colors and image. But I have never heard of a gothic arch? Boy am I out of the loop!


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