Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

A new day! A new year! New beginnings. There always seems to be anticipation and excitement surrounding celebrating the first day of a new year. I suppose I feel that too. But, I'm a sentimental soul and I tend to play the past in my mental video screen. Joys. Sorrows. Successes. Failures. Happiness. Disappointment. Perhaps that is what goes into deciding whether to make New Year's resolutions or just look forward to living your life one day at a time, hopefully learning from the past.

Whew...heavy topic today. Just some random thoughts...

On a stamping site a discussion is taking place to pick your favorite card you've ever made and tell why you consider it either your best work or why it is your favorite that you've made. Well, as I posted yesterday, I've been cleaning, organizing and preparing to make lots and lots of new cards in the new year. But as I clean and organize I come upon stamps I haven't used in a long time and cards I've made that I was really proud of.

FINALLY, I'll get to the point of this card today and the topic of this post. I think out of all of the cards I've made I'm particularly drawn to this particular one. I don't know what there is about this stamp but I find it interesting, artistic, and in a strange way, sort of romantic from an historic sense. It makes me think of Italy. I don't know why...it just does.

So for my first card to post on my blog for this new year is a stamp I've had forever, made by Sunsine Designs. I've painted it with twinkling H20's and added some machine stitching using both a feather stitch as well as a zig-zag stitch.

New cards to come but today is sort of a reflective day for me.


  1. I adore this card. I have one from the swap and I've saved it. It speaks to me in some way, and I just can't send it out. Happy 2008.

  2. Your stitching is amazing!!!!
    Have a great 2008!!!

  3. Gorgeous card! I love your coloring and the stitching. Great color selection, too!

  4. I enjoy your reflecting and adore your favorite card! Warm cozy colors, homegrown stitching and an earthy image. I look forward to you continuing to inspire me, not just with your cards but also your beautiful spirit all through 2008!

  5. It's a very striking card - the colours are so rich. Actually it just 'speaks' for itself!

  6. This is indeed a lovely card. I recognized the image as being S.D. right away. I, too, am a lover of Kristie's stamps and have quite a few of hers. Your painting is lovely. TFS.


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