Monday, January 28, 2008

Sewing fun!

I've been having "sew" much fun lately. I've always liked aprons. This particular half apron is indeed very simple but I was playing around with my machine and tuning it up again after long time of neglect and only using it for papercrafts.

I am working on a lot more styles of aprons and some other fun sewing projects. I'll introduce my latest adventures in sewing with this simple apron. Besides, this cheerful floral fabric helps me to continue my dreams for spring to arrive!

Enjoy your day!


  1. I love the eyelet lace you used at the bottom. It's such a nice feminine touch. Debbie was telling me about your apron adventures. How fun!

  2. Love this apron, Jennifer. It's nice to see a little bit of your sewing. I know you are an expert seamstress and I just love this cute apron. I haven't worn one of these half aprons in years. It brought back some memories.

    Joanne (tojoco)

  3. This is adorable. I love the fabric and the lace. I'm glad you're sewing again. I'm having a blast!

  4. Jennifer you are so talented! I had no idea that your a seamstress... I'm so envious, I can't even sew a straight line!

    Your apron is wonderful, the fabric is so pretty!

  5. PRETTY springtime the little flowers and lace. So exciting to see the first of Jennifer's Apron Collection! Next time we will need to have tea as we watch the promenade of aprons!
    Happy Spring!!!...Jan

  6. How sweet. Love the tiny flowers and lace. You are so multi-talented HP!!!! Love the new photo of your sexy bike too!


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